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Name Code Type
Advanced microbiological technology in health sciences XY3250 Module
Anatomy & Physiology II XY2140 Module
Anatomy and Physiology XY1040 Module
Biological and Chemical Systems XYC001 Module
Body Systems XYC002 Module
Case Study Approach to Scientific Problem Solving XY1005 Module
Clinical Comm & Medical Skills XY2230 Module
Immunology XY2010 Module
Integrated Medical Sciences XY1110 Module
Investigative Skills using Mathematics XYC003 Module
Medical Microbiology XY1030 Module
Medical Pharmacology & Therapeutics XY3180 Module
Neuroscience XY3290 Module
Physical Activity and Health XY3220 Module
Research in Medical Sciences XY2040 Module
Research Project XY3040 Module
Scientific Communication XY1004 Module

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