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Name Code Type
Advanced Conditioning 1 XS4005 Module
Advanced Conditioning 2 XS4007 Module
Advanced Methodologies XS4200 Module
Advanced Methodologies for SES XS4100 Module
Advanced Methods in Performance Assessment and Conditioning XS3204 Module
Advanced Movement Analysis in Strength and Conditioning XS3104 Module
Advanced Practitioner Skills for Sport and Exercise Scientists XS4301 Module
Advanced Principles of Exercise and Training XS2206 Module
Advanced Science & Technology of Tennis (Sport and Exercise XS3401 Module
Advanced Skills in 3D Biomechanical Aassessment XS4418 Module
Advances In Ergogenic Strategies to Enhance Sport and Exercise Performance XS4103 Module
Advances in Sports Nutrition XS4603 Module
Applied Biomenchanics XS3100 Module
Applied Food Sciences- Processes, Practices and Safety Systems XS4302 Module
Applied Physiology and Scientific Enquiry XS2902 Module
Biomechanics of Posture and Injury in Sport XS3101 Module
Common Sports Injuries and Injury Prevention XS2031 Module
Contemporary Issues in Nutrition XS4601 Module
Contemporary Issues in Physiological Measurement XS4101 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport Sciences XS4419 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport, Exercise & Nutrition XS3201 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sports Specific Biomechanics XS4201 Module
Contemporary Issues in Strength and Conditioning XS4204 Module
Critical Issues in Laboratory v Field Based Biomechanical Testing XS4203 Module
Current Concepts in Sports Specific Biomechanics XS4202 Module
Current topics in biomechanical/ physiological measurement XS4421 Module
Current Topics in Population Health and Exercise XS3203 Module
Developing Strength 1 XS4004 Module
Developing Strength 2 XS4006 Module
Effective Food Safety Management Systems XS4030 Module
Environmental Stress and Performance XS4102 Module
Essentials of Sport Training and Conditioning XS2500 Module
Ethical Guidelines and Procedures for Sport XS4001 Module
Exercise in Special Populations XS2202 Module
Exercise Referral XS3200 Module
Exercise, Nutrition and Health Project XS3920 Module
Food Allergy and Intolerance XS3009 Module
Food Processing and Preservation XS2001 Module
Foodborne Disease XS4018 Module
Foodborne Disease XS3008 Module
Functional Anatomy XS1078 Module
Fundamentals of Sport, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences XSC102 Module
HACCP Development XS4019 Module
Health & Safety in Sport & Exercise XS1800 Module
Health, Fitness and Performance XS1500 Module
High-Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach XS4008 Module
Human Nutrition Honours Project XS3950 Module
International Food Law XS4031 Module
Intro to Human Physiology XS1201 Module
Intro to Sport & Ex Psychology XS1910 Module
Intro to Sports Biomechanics XS1911 Module
Introduction to Biology XS1202 Module
Introduction to Biomechanics in Sport XS1100 Module
Introduction to Physiology in Sport & Exercise XS1200 Module
Introduction to Psychology in Sport & Exercise XS1003 Module
Introduction to Research Methods XS1700 Module
Managing Food Allergy and Intolerance XS4032 Module
Nutrition and Health XS3601 Module
Nutrition for Life XS2600 Module
Nutrition-Related Disease XS3600 Module
Perf in Extreme Environments XS3202 Module
Performance & Evaluation in Strength and Conditioning XS2030 Module
Physiological & Biomechanical Techniques in Performance XS2201 Module
Physiology of Human Performance XS2200 Module
Planning and Instructing Exercise for Health and Fitness XS1205 Module
Practical Biomechanics XS2102 Module
Principles of Biology and Nutrition XS1601 Module
Principles of Physiology and Scientific Enquiry XS1902 Module
Professional Work Experience 1 XS2004 Module
Professional Work Experience 2 XS3005 Module
Psychology of Diet and Exercise XS3003 Module
Public Health Nutrition XS4602 Module
Res Proj for Sport & Ex Sci XS4900 Module
Research Methods for Postgraduate Study XS4034 Module
Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences XS4000 Module
Sport & Exercise Psychology XS2003 Module
Sport Biomechanics XS2100 Module
Sport Biomechanics Project XS3900 Module
Sport Science Project (Physiology) XS3930 Module
Sports Nutrition XS2601 Module
Strength & Conditioning in Practice XS2032 Module
Strength & Conditioning in Practice 1 XS1002 Module
Strength & Conditioning in Practice 2 XS2002 Module
Strength & Conditioning in Practice 3 XS3002 Module
Strength and Conditioning Project XS4002 Module
Theory & Practice in Sport Psychology XS3004 Module
Training Prescription for the Elite Athlete XS3103 Module
Training Theory XS1107 Module
Understanding Nutrition XS1600 Module

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