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Advanced Volunteering and Community Action VO2006 Module
Bullying Interventions VO1010 Module
Citizenship & Cohesive Communities VO1001 Module
Communities Skilled for Change VO3003 Module
Communities Skilled for Change VO3004 Module
Community Culture VO1004 Module
Community Leadership VO2003 Module
Community Project development VO2002 Module
Community Research Project VO4010 Module
Empowering and Engaging Marginalised Groups VO3005 Module
Gang and Gun Culture VO1009 Module
Global Community Exchange VO3007 Module
Global Project Development VO4002 Module
Ind Learn & Pro Pers Devel VO1011 Module
Interfaith Dialogue and Contemporary Society VO4003 Module
Leadership: Theory, Practice & Reflection VO4008 Module
Leading a Community Project VO3002 Module
Mentoring in the Community VO2001 Module
Supporting Community Based Approaches Against Violent Extremism VO4006 Module
Transforming Communities VO3006 Module
Volunteering and Community Action VO1006 Module
Volunteering and Community Action (Burnley) VOC106 Module
Volunteering and Safety Management VO1002 Module
Volunteering in the EU VO2004 Module
Women and Community Leadership VO4004 Module
Youth Led Regeneration VO2005 Module

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