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Name Code Type
Adv Vet Surg & Crit Care Nurs VN3001 Module
Animal Health Management VN1008 Module
App Vet Nurs Care VN2010 Module
Applied Ana & Physiology VN1007 Module
Applied Veterinary Physiology VN2018 Module
Can & Fel Beh Disorders VN3002 Module
Development in Vet Nurs Pract VN2005 Module
Ess Vet Nursing Skills VN1009 Module
Essen Study, IT & Res Skills VN2016 Module
Geriatric and Pall Care Nrsg VN2007 Module
Integrative Project VN3006 Module
Law, Ethics & Prof Pract VN2017 Module
Nursing Sup Prov Vet Practice VN1010 Module
Pers & Prof Devopment 2 VN1012 Module
Pers & Prof Devopment1 VN1011 Module
Prin Pharmacology & Pharmacy VN2013 Module
Principles & Prac of Vet Diag VN2011 Module
SIM-Veterinary Nursing VN2015 Module
Sys Deliv of Vet Nurs Care VN2019 Module
Vet Nurs of Exotic Sp & W/life VN2014 Module
Vet Sur Thea Prac & Anaes VN2012 Module
Veterinary Anaesthesia VN2020 Module
Veterinary Comp Nursing VN2006 Module
Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging VN2024 Module
Veterinary Medical Nursing VN2023 Module
Veterinary Surgical Nursing VN2022 Module
Veterinary Theatre Practice VN2021 Module

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