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(Burnley) Literacy Theories and Frameworks (PGCE) TS4407 Module
Action Research: Deconstructing Practice TS4301 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education and Training TS2306 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education and Training TS4304 Module
Creative Pedagogy in the Outdoors TS3560 Module
Curriculum Design and Assessment TS2304 Module
Developing Teaching, Learning and Assessment TS3301 Module
Education and Training, Preparatory TS1106 Module
English and Maths and the Learners TS2405 Module
Literacy teaching, learning and assessment TS2406 Module
Literacy Theories and Frameworks TS2407 Module
Numeracy Knowledge and Understanding TS4413 Module
Practitioner Research: an Action Research Approach TS2301 Module
Teaching and Reflecting on Own Practice TS1302 Module
Teaching, Learning and Assessment TS1107 Module

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