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Name Code Type
Advanced Business Interpreting TR4995 Module
Applied Information Technology for Interpreters TR4003 Module
Arabic Consecutive Interpret TR4025 Module
Arabic Simultaneous Interpreting (both Directions) TR4020 Module
Arabic Technical Business Interpreting (both directions) TR4004 Module
Arabic-English Translation / English-Arabic Translation TR4010 Module
Chinese - English Translation /Eng - Chin Tr TR4011 Module
Chinese Simultaneous Interpret TR4021 Module
Chinese Technical Business Interpreting TR4005 Module
Conference Translation TR4996 Module
Consecutive Interpreting TR4994 Module
Consecutive Interpreting Chinese TR4026 Module
Dissertation TR4991 Module
Extended Translation Project TR4992 Module
French - English Translation TR4014 Module
French Technical Business Interpreting TR4035 Module
German - English Translation TR4012 Module
German Consecutive Interpreting (both ways ) TR4027 Module
German Simultaneous Interpreting (both ways) TR4022 Module
German Technical Business Interpreting TR4006 Module
Managing an Intrepreting Consultancy Business TR4008 Module
Simultaneous Interpreting TR4993 Module
Specialised Translation TR4997 Module
Specialised Translation Arabic-English TR4073 Module
Specialised Translation French – English TR4074 Module
Theory of Translation (Translating and Interpreting) TR4002 Module

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