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(Burnley) Strengh and Conditioning for Sport TL3154 Module
Advances in Fitness Training TL3153 Module
Adventure Sport Coaching TL2575 Module
Adventure Tourism TL3107 Module
An Introduction to Experiential Learning & Reflective Practice TL1093 Module
Analysis of Coaching & Performance TL4109 Module
Applied Event Management Case Studies TL3058 Module
Applied Healthy Living and Human Movement TL3161 Module
Applied Principles of Teaching Physical Education TL2209 Module
Applied Research and Professional Skills TL2573 Module
Applied Sports Coaching TL1025 Module
Applied Technology in Sport TL2162 Module
Applied Tourism Case Stds TL3037 Module
Applied Work in the Outdoors TL3558 Module
Arts and Heritage TL3083 Module
Arts, Cultural and Heritage Events TL2192 Module
Brands in 21st Century Sport TL3130 Module
Business Events and Tourism TL3141 Module
Business Operations and Sport Law TL2099 Module
Career Developement in Sport TL3041 Module
Careers in Ev and Hosp TL2046 Module
Careers in Tourism: P & P Dev TL2036 Module
Club and Volunteer Development TL1039 Module
Coaching Analysis TL4104 Module
Coaching Consultancy Project TL3074 Module
Coaching in Games TL2049 Module
Coaching in Sport TL2078 Module
Coaching in the Community TL3071 Module
Coaching Pedagogy TL1097 Module
Coaching Pedagogy and Reflective Practice TL2082 Module
Coaching Performance and Development TL3144 Module
Coaching Practice and Reflection TL3134 Module
Coaching Practice Experience TL2118 Module
Coaching Practice Experience TL3170 Module
Coaching Process for Specific Populations TL3073 Module
Coaching Toolkit TL1110 Module
Coaching Toolkit TL2132 Module
Coaching: From Philosophy to Practice TL4108 Module
Commercial Leisure Perspective TL3062 Module
Community Sports Development TL3072 Module
Community Sports Development TL3172 Module
Consultancy Project TL4008 Module
Consultancy Project TL3104 Module
Consultancy Project in Tourism, Hospitality and Events TL3924 Module
Contemporary Issues in Food and Drink TL3137 Module
Contemporary Issues in PE and School Sport TL3068 Module
Contemporary Issues in Physical Education and School Sport TL3159 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport Business Management TL3163 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Football Industry TL3601 Module
Contemporary Practice for Sport TL4189 Module
Contemporary Social Issues in Sport TL2211 Module
Contemporary Sport Management TL2003 Module
Contemporary themes in tourism and hospitality and events TLC114 Module
Contemporary Tourism, Hospitality and Events Themes in Action TLC119 Module
Contextualising Practice in the Outdoors TL4049 Module
Continuing Prof Dev TL4012 Module
Continuing Professional Development TL3093 Module
Countryside Recreation Mgmt TL2024 Module
Creative Pedagogy in the Outdoors TL3560 Module
Current Issues In Sport TL2115 Module
Current Issues in Sport Mgmt TL3003 Module
Customer Services TL1029 Module
Dark Tourism TL3057 Module
Dark Tourism:Macabre Attractio TL3067 Module
Developing HR in Serv Orgs TL2001 Module
Developing Human Movement and Healthy Lifestyles TL2210 Module
Developing Human Movement and Healthy Lifestyles TL1107 Module
Developing Research Skills TL2055 Module
Developing Sport in Practice TL3171 Module
Development of Skill TL2205 Module
Dissertation TL3923 Module
Dissertation TL4000 Module
Dissertation TL4130 Module
Dissertation TL3102 Module
Dissertation for Sport TL4186 Module
Dynamics of Global Tourism TL2065 Module
Elite Coaching Practice TL3145 Module
Elite Coaching Practice TL4102 Module
Enhancing PPD TL2081 Module
Enterprise Dev Sport & Leisure TL3077 Module
Enterprise for Sport, Tourism & The Outdoors TL3138 Module
Enterprise for Tourism, Hospitality and Events TL3925 Module
Entrepren and SME Marketing TL4011 Module
Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in Sport, Health and Wellbeing TL3158 Module
Environmental Education TL1070 Module
Essential Study Skills For Lifelong Learning TLC125 Module
Event Management TL3059 Module
Event Management TL4028 Module
Event Management Case Studies TL3020 Module
Event Management Consult Proj TL3034 Module
Event Operations TL1020 Module
Event Planning TL1017 Module
Event Planning & Management TL4036 Module
Event Planning Prin & Prac TL1079 Module
Events in Action TL2056 Module
Evolution of Working Practice TL4119 Module
Exercise Studies TL2015 Module
Expedition Organisation TL2083 Module
Expedition Planning TL1063 Module
Expedition Planning, Preparation and Participation TL2574 Module
Expedition Preparation and Planning TL2124 Module
Experiential Learning TL2066 Module
Experiential Learning in Sport TL2023 Module
Exploring Management in THE TL1090 Module
Exploring Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management TL1170 Module
Festivals & Events in Society TL3056 Module
Festivals and Events in Society and Culture TL3556 Module
Festivals, Society & Culture TL4031 Module
Food and Beverage Management TL1032 Module
Food and Drink in Society TL1042 Module
Food Production and Practice TL1031 Module
Food Safety Management TL1087 Module
Football and popular culture TL3603 Module
Football Coaching Practice Experience TL3604 Module
Football Culture and Society TL1604 Module
Football Marketing and Media TL2061 Module
Foundations in Scholarship, Research and Technology TL1086 Module
Foundations in Scholarship, Research and Technology TL1165 Module
Functional Strength & Power TL2117 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Delivery TLC112 Module
Funding and Marketing in Sport and Enterprise TL2116 Module
Global Hospitality TL3018 Module
Global Hospitality Themes and Brands TL4015 Module
Global Sports Business TL4020 Module
Group Leadership and Reflective Practice TL2572 Module
Health and Exercise Mgmt TL3027 Module
Health and Fitness TL2130 Module
High Performance Coaching TL3043 Module
Hosp Issues in 21st Century TL3017 Module
Hospitality Development TL3092 Module
Hospitality: Contemp Perspect TL4014 Module
Human Movement and Sports Conditioning TL3162 Module
Human Resource Issues TL2076 Module
Human Resource Management TL2128 Module
Human Resource Management for Sport & Leisure TL3078 Module
Human Resource Management and Personal Development in Service Organisations TL2059 Module
Impacts of Sports Events TL3112 Module
Improving Performance TL1111 Module
Improving Performance in Football TL1602 Module
Independent Study TL3103 Module
Industry Based Experience TL3114 Module
Innovation and Research Project in the Outdoors (part 1) TL4052 Module
Innovation Project in the Outdoors TL4051 Module
Integrated Consultancy Project TL2075 Module
Internat Tourism: Theor & Appl TL3008 Module
International Business Environ TL3015 Module
International Cases in Hospitality and Tourism Management TL3051 Module
International Cases in Tourism Managment TL3156 Module
International Corporate Hospitality and Business Events TL2122 Module
International Event Management Case Studies TL3155 Module
International Fieldwork TL3139 Module
International Food & Culture TL3013 Module
International football events and business operations TL2600 Module
International Hospitality Management TL1089 Module
International Industry Based Experience TL4331 Module
International Issues in the Hospitality Industry TL2011 Module
International Sport TL3004 Module
International Strateg Hos Man TL4009 Module
International Study Visit TL2121 Module
International Tourism Analysis TL2035 Module
International Tourism Development TL2028 Module
International Tourism Management Case Studies TL3084 Module
International Tourism Mgmt TL2007 Module
International Tourism: Themes & Issues TL3038 Module
Internship TL3561 Module
Internship TL3101 Module
Into to Travel & Tourism TL1801 Module
Introduction to Action Learning TL1040 Module
Introduction to Adventure Sports and Management TL1082 Module
Introduction to Events and Personal Development TL1049 Module
Introduction to Exercise Leadership and Gym Orientated Exercise TL1044 Module
Introduction to Hospitality and Personal Development TL1050 Module
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Operations TL1104 Module
Introduction to Leadership TL1068 Module
Introduction to Outdoor Adventure Leadership TL1510 Module
Introduction to Outdoor Adventure Leadership TLC128 Module
Introduction to outdoor leadership and coaching TLC118 Module
Introduction to Physical Education TL1106 Module
Introduction to Sport and Physical Education TLC126 Module
Introduction to Sports Business Management TLC117 Module
Introduction to Sports Coaching TLC124 Module
Introduction to Sports Management TL1037 Module
Issues in Performer Development TL4120 Module
Landscape of Events TL1091 Module
Leadership and Change TL3152 Module
Leadership for Change TL3557 Module
Learning from Working in Tourism Hospitality and Events TL2191 Module
Leisure and Rec Management TL2012 Module
Leisure Policy & Planning TL3080 Module
Lifestyle and Personal Fitness TL2022 Module
Management and Professional Development for Sport TL3148 Module
Management Consultancy Project TL4129 Module
Management Development TL4029 Module
Management Development TL3055 Module
Management Economics TL2000 Module
Management Fundamentals in Tourism, Hospitality and Events TLC110 Module
Management Issues in Sport TL4017 Module
Managing Consumer Services TL4002 Module
Managing Crisis in Con Serv Or TL4007 Module
Managing Events in an International Context TL3054 Module
Managing Hospitality and Event Operations TL4027 Module
Managing People in Sport TL4021 Module
Managing Post-Mod Tourism TL3801 Module
Managing Quality in Service Organisations TL3012 Module
Managing Risk in Adventure TL1075 Module
Managing Service Operations TL2058 Module
Managing Sports Events TL2112 Module
Managing Sports Finance & Funding TL1095 Module
Managing Sports Finance and Economics TL1113 Module
Marketing & Promo of Leisure TL2067 Module
Marketing and Promotion of International Events TL2106 Module
Marketing and Sport TL4040 Module
Marketing for Tourism & Hosp TL2020 Module
Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions TL2032 Module
Mging for Success in Hosp & Ev TL2045 Module
Mging Visitor Attr & Amenities TL2037 Module
Mgmt in Sports Operations TL2207 Module
Mgmt of Water & Flood Incident TL1503 Module
Operat Mgmt for Tour & Leisure TL2014 Module
Operational Management in Hospitality TL1043 Module
Ops Mgmt for Tourism and Leis TL2021 Module
Outdoor Leisure Management TL3085 Module
PE and School Sport Event TL1109 Module
Pedagogy and Learning to Learn TL4125 Module
Performance Analysis for High Performance Sport TL3147 Module
Performance Analysis for Sport TL2026 Module
Performance Enhancement TL2096 Module
Performance Enhancing Coaching TL3559 Module
Pers Dev in Hosp and Events TL1005 Module
Pers Dev, Reflection & Achieve TL3002 Module
Personal & Prof Development TL4400 Module
Personal and Professional Development for Sport TL4026 Module
Personal Development For Sport And Leisure TL1024 Module
Personal Fitness & Lifestyle TL2206 Module
Personal Fitness Training TL2041 Module
Personal Research Devmt TL2005 Module
Personal Sport Development TL1004 Module
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Through Outdoor Activities TL3142 Module
Perspectives in Leisure TL2034 Module
Perspectives on UK Enviros TL3802 Module
Philosophy to Practice TL4188 Module
Phy Activity & Health Promotio TL3075 Module
Physical Activity in Schools TL3033 Module
Physical Education TL1014 Module
Physical Education and School Sport Issues and Concepts TL4047 Module
Physical Education and Sport Research Conference TL2212 Module
Pictures for Publication TL1806 Module
Placement Preparation TL2069 Module
Planning for Competition TL4103 Module
Planning for Development F TL4121 Module
Planning for International Events TL2048 Module
Player Pathway Development TL2072 Module
Politics, Sport and Leisure TL3061 Module
Practical Journalism TL1805 Module
Practical Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity TLC123 Module
Principals, Planning and Practice of Events TL1168 Module
Principles & Practice of Sports Marketing TL4024 Module
Principles and Practice of Hospitality TL1167 Module
Principles and Practice of Tourism, Hospitality and Events TL4030 Module
Principles and Practices in Sports Coaching TL1099 Module
Principles and Practices of Sport Business Management TL1114 Module
Prof Practice Portfolio TL1505 Module
Professional Academic Development & Research Skills I TL1094 Module
Professional Academic Development & Research Skills II TL2129 Module
Professional Academic Development and Research (3) TL3143 Module
Professional Development in Sport TL4054 Module
Professional Practice in Technical Rescue Instruction TL2502 Module
Professional Skills Development TL1069 Module
Professional Work Environments for Sport, Management and The Outdoors TLC108 Module
Professionalism and Management in Tourism, Hospitality and Events (T.H.E) TLC122 Module
Professionalism and Service Excellence in T.H.E TL1100 Module
Programme Design for Outdoor Activities TL2088 Module
Project TL3042 Module
Psychobiology TL1803 Module
Psychology of Training TL2104 Module
Psychology of Training TL2114 Module
Recreation in the Urban Env TL2025 Module
Reflective Practice and Professional Development TL2125 Module
Reflective Work Placement TL4013 Module
Research and Enterprise for Sport TL2095 Module
Research and Sports Business TL2127 Module
Research Foundations for Sports Leaders TL4046 Module
Research Methodology & Design TL4118 Module
Research Methodology: Philosophy and Practice TL4010 Module
Research Methods for Sport TL4187 Module
Research Methods for Sport TL4110 Module
Research Methods for Sport Leaders TL4045 Module
Research Methods in Outdoor Practice TL4048 Module
Research Project in the Outdoors TL4050 Module
Researching Tourism & Leisure TL2013 Module
Risk and Safety Management TL2033 Module
Rope Rescue: Technician TL1504 Module
School and Community Development through Football TL2062 Module
School and Community Sports Development TL2098 Module
Self Reflecting Practitioners TL1400 Module
Service Quality and Operations TL2074 Module
Service Quality in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management TL2119 Module
Service Quality Management TL4006 Module
Single Research Project TL3910 Module
Single Research Project TL3525 Module
Skills for Research TL2203 Module
Skills Review and Development TL4116 Module
Soc & Emot Dev in Children TL2803 Module
Society, Culture and Tourism TL3007 Module
Sociological Issues in Disability Sport. TL3160 Module
Sociological Issues in Sport TL2004 Module
Sport & International Development TL2105 Module
Sport & Leisure Events TL3082 Module
Sport and Identity TL3129 Module
Sport and Leisure People TL1028 Module
Sport and Politics TL3069 Module
Sport Business and Strategic Thinking TL4039 Module
Sport Business Environments TL1115 Module
Sport Development Strategy and Policy TL3090 Module
Sport Economics TL4022 Module
Sport Equity: Race, Gend & Dis TL3029 Module
Sport Finance TL4023 Module
Sport in Post-Indus Soc: USA TL3005 Module
Sport in Society TL1034 Module
Sport in the Global Village TL3076 Module
Sport in the UK TL1084 Module
Sport Inclusion and Exclusion through Sport TL4111 Module
Sport Operations and Legal Aspects of Sport Business TL4041 Module
Sport Social Theory and Community TL4112 Module
Sport Today TL1083 Module
Sport Tourism TL2050 Module
Sport Tourism Management TL3011 Module
Sport, Values and Society TL4016 Module
Sport: More than a Game TL2047 Module
Sports Business Economics TL2064 Module
Sports Business Environment TL1096 Module
Sports Business Marketing TL2100 Module
Sports Business Marketing TL2002 Module
Sports Business Operations TL2063 Module
Sports Coaching: Principles And Practice TL1015 Module
Sports Development TL2042 Module
Sports Development in Action TL2131 Module
Sports Development in the UK TL2200 Module
sports economics and finance TL4042 Module
Sports Equity and Inclusion TL3079 Module
Sports Events Case Studies TL3113 Module
Sports Finance and Economics TL4334 Module
Sports Issues and Ethics TL2060 Module
Sports Law: An Introduction TL1825 Module
Sports Marketing TL2208 Module
Sports Markets & Eco Anal TL3048 Module
Sports Markets & Econ Analysis TL2027 Module
Sports Mkts & Econ Analysi TL2040 Module
Sports Operations Management TL3028 Module
Sports Policy & Planning TL3081 Module
Strat Plan & Adventure Mgmt TL3132 Module
Strategic Management for Football TL3602 Module
Strategic Management in Hospitality, Tourism and Events TL3050 Module
Strategic Sport Leadership TL4043 Module
Strategic Sports Business Management TL3000 Module
Strategic Thinking & Applicat TL3016 Module
Strategic Thinking for Sports Management TL4025 Module
Student Initiated Module TL3023 Module
Student Initiated Module TL3022 Module
Student Initiated Module TL2016 Module
Student Initiated Module TL2017 Module
Study Skills TL1804 Module
Study Skills for Success TLC113 Module
Sustainable Issues in Tourism TL3021 Module
Swiftw Resc: Boat Operator TL1502 Module
Swiftw Resc: Tech - Advanced TL1501 Module
Swiftw Resc: Tech - Instructor TL2501 Module
Swiftw Rescue: Technician TL1500 Module
Talent Development Systems TL3169 Module
Teaching, Learning and Coaching in the Outdoors TL1511 Module
Technical Rope Rescue: Instruc TL2500 Module
The Adventure Sports Coaching Environment TL4123 Module
The Business and Management of the Football Industry TL1600 Module
The Business Environment TL3009 Module
The Business of Football TL3030 Module
The Business, Tourism, Hospitality, Event and Leisure TLC109 Module
The Coaching Environment TL4106 Module
The Coaching Process TL4107 Module
The Critically Reflective Coach TL3167 Module
The Critically Reflective Football Coach TL3600 Module
The Development Environment TL1112 Module
The Evolution of Sport TL1003 Module
The Evolution of Sport TL1108 Module
THE Experiential Learning TL3926 Module
The Football Environment TL1601 Module
The Making of Modern Sport TL1036 Module
The People Safari TL1002 Module
The Performance Environment TL3168 Module
The Professional Sports Industry TL2031 Module
The Reflective Coach TL2233 Module
the Reflective Football Coach TL2603 Module
The Reflective Sports Leader TL4044 Module
The Right to Play TL2103 Module
The Sporting Environment TL4101 Module
The Sporting Image TL3031 Module
The Sporting Infrastructure TL1035 Module
The Sporting Landscape TLC111 Module
The Sports Business TL4037 Module
The Sports Business Consumer TL1098 Module
The Sports Business Manager TL1101 Module
The Tourism & Hosp Business TLC103 Module
The Tourist TL2123 Module
The Use of Sport in Social Policy TL4115 Module
The Use of Technology for the Coaching Process TL1162 Module
The World of HR in Hosp TL3049 Module
Thesis TL5000 Module
Tourism & Regional Dev TL3800 Module
Tourism & Sustainability TL4033 Module
Tourism and Events TL3140 Module
Tourism and the Natural Env TL3065 Module
Tourism Destinations TL1047 Module
Tourism Dev in Africa TL3106 Module
Tourism Development and Sustainability TL2120 Module
Tourism Development in Kenya TL3063 Module
Tourism Geographies TL4018 Module
Tourism in Action TL1088 Module
Tourism in Dev Countries TL3052 Module
Tourism Management TL4019 Module
Tourism Management in Action. TL1166 Module
Tourism Policy, Power & Place TL3010 Module
Tourism, Culture and Society TL3064 Module
Tourism, Hospitality and Event (THE) Internship TL3109 Module
Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management Dissertation TL4185 Module
Tourism, Hospitality and Event Marketing TL2008 Module
Tourism, Time & Place TL1800 Module
Tourist Attractions: Themes and Issues TL2057 Module
Travel Geography TL1006 Module
Volunteering for Sports Events TL1064 Module
Wellness Tourism and Hospitality TL2571 Module
Work and Learn TL2110 Module
Work-based Knowledge, Experience and Practice TL4038 Module
Work-Based Learning TL4105 Module
Work-Based Project TL3091 Module
Working Context TL4117 Module
Working with Children in the Outdoors TL3151 Module

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