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Name Code Type
Advanced Lighting Practice TE3078 Module
Application Design and Delivery TE2800 Module
Audio production TE1771 Module
Code Design TE2801 Module
Computer Graphics TE1803 Module
Contextual Studies TE1000 Module
Data Driven Applications TE2888 Module
Digital Visual Effects TE2091 Module
Enterprise Development & Production TE3009 Module
Extended Media Project TEC002 Module
Final Project TE4003 Module
Graphic Communication TE2803 Module
Group Project TE4002 Module
Multimedia Production TE1775 Module
Portfolio Projects TE3001 Module
Production Skills TE4001 Module
Professional Practice TE2000 Module
Research Project TE3000 Module
User Experience Design TE3800 Module
Video Post Production TE2775 Module
Video Production TE1772 Module
Web Design and User Experience TE1800 Module
Web Development TE1888 Module
Web Fundamentals TEC001 Module

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