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Action Research and Community Project Supervision SW4810 Module
Advanced Facilitation of Learning in the Workplace SW4706 Module
Advanced Mental Health Practice SW4714 Module
Application of Models of Mental Disorder SW4119 Module
Approaches to Research SW3110 Module
Assertiveness Skills SW1101 Module
Assessment, Management and Treatment of Sexual Offending SW4719 Course
Asset Based Community Development SWC035 Module
Asset Based Integrated Learning SW1725 Module
ASYE: Demonstrating Capability in Social Work Practice SW4701 Module
Best Interest Assessor SW4120 Module
British Social Welfare SW1030 Module
Care Contexts SW4101 Module
Cert HE Mental Health Law and Practice SW1812 Module
Cert HE Mental Health Law and Practice SW1811 Module
Children and Social Welfare SW4017 Module
Children's Services and Systems SW2600 Module
Children, Families & Household SW1106 Module
Collaboration in Health and Social care Practice SW4023 Module
Collaborative research with children and young people SW4021 Module
Comb Soc Exc Inc Part Pship SW3000 Module
Communication & Interpersonal Skills SW1071 Module
Communication & Social Welfare SW1107 Module
Communication in Practice SW1803 Module
Community And Development SW1105 Module
Community Research Project SW3801 Module
Comp Soc Care in Europe SW4000 Module
Comparative Soc Care Europe SW2054 Module
Comparative Social Care in Europe SW3201 Module
Comparative Social Welfare SW2041 Module
Consoldtns of Soc Wk Prac SW3500 Module
Consolidation of Childcare Social Work Practice SW3520 Module
Crime and Society SW3017 Module
Critical Application of Theory, Methods and Research SW3076 Module
Critical Evidence and Research Based Practice SW4401 Module
Critical Practice in Social Work 1 SW4007 Module
Critical Practice in Social Work 2 SW4107 Module
Critical Reflection on Mental Health Practice SW4115 Module
Critical Reflection on Professional Learning and development SW4703 Module
Critical Social Policy SW3802 Module
Critical Themes & Debates for Social Work Practice SW4402 Module
Current Issues in Welf Theory SW4016 Module
Dev/Dem Comp in PT & Assess. SW4050 Module
Developing Interpersonal Skill SW1055 Module
Developing Research Skills in Social care SW4802 Module
Developments Across the Lifespan SW1601 Module
Devlp Interpersonal Skills SW1005 Module
Disability Studies SW3105 Module
Dissertation SW3803 Module
Dissertation SW4020 Module
Dissertation SW3190 Module
Dissertation SW4005 Module
Dissertation (Double) SW3813 Module
Dissertation (Social Work) SW3990 Module
Dissertation - Social Work SW3991 Module
Diversity and Mental Health SW4118 Module
Doing Social Research SW4801 Module
Drugs and Society SW2005 Module
Effective Communication Skills SW1807 Module
Emancipatory Research (Ma) SW4040 Module
Enabling Others SW3501 Module
Gender Issues SW3728 Module
Global Perspectives on Children’s Participation SW4709 Module
Hea & Welf: Conc & Theories SW4001 Module
Hea & Welf: Policy & Pract SW4002 Module
Head, Heart & Hands 1 SW1806 Module
Head, Hearts and Hands 3 SW3806 Module
Human Growth & Development SW1068 Module
Human Growth and Development SW1059 Module
Idealogies Of Welfare SW3140 Module
Imagination and the Common Third SW1808 Module
Information Management SWC025 Module
Innovation Project SW3809 Module
Inter Prof Collaboration SW3200 Module
International Perspectives on Children's Lives SW3601 Module
Intro to Practice Teaching SW3050 Module
Intro to Psychology SWC009 Module
Intro to Social Research SW4027 Module
Intro to SW Practice SW1306 Module
Introduction to Children's Services SW1600 Module
Introduction to Facilitation of Learning in the Workplace SW4705 Module
Introduction To Politics SWC026 Module
Introduction to Social Pedagogy SW2721 Module
Introduction to Social Research SW4026 Module
Introduction To Social Work SWC015 Module
Introduction To Sociology SWC004 Module
IT Proficiency SW4998 Module
IT Proficiency SW2998 Module
Law & Safeguarding SW1070 Module
Law for Social Work SW4009 Module
Leadership, Enterprise, employability and the Future of Welfare SW3071 Module
Learning Disabilities SW4013 Module
Learning Skills for Social Work SW1201 Module
Legal and Professional Roles SW4116 Module
Legal Issues In Social Welfare SW2110 Module
MA Placement 1 SW4999 Module
MA Placement 2 SW4997 Module
MA Social Work Dissertation SW4036 Module
Making Personalisation Effective in Mental Health Practice SW4710 Module
Man Anti-Discriminatory Pract SW4010 Module
Mental Health SW3303 Module
Multi-professional working in Children's services SW3600 Module
Nma Progra SW3400 Module
NQSW & Consolidation of Child Care Social Work Practice SW3521 Module
Organisations & Care Mngmnt SW2301 Module
People Skills SW4102 Module
Personal Soc Serv in the UK SW1004 Module
Personalisation and Citizenship; empowering adults service users SW2070 Module
Perspectives on Childhood SW3024 Module
Pol & Pract of Child Prot SW3011 Module
Practitioner Research Skills SW3020 Module
Prep for Practice Teaching SW3051 Module
Preparation for Practice SW1058 Module
Preparation for Practice SW3080 Module
Preparation for Social Work Practice SW1072 Module
Project SW4015 Module
Psychology For Social Work SW1303 Module
Psychosocial Studies SW3074 Module
Race In British Society SWC003 Module
Race, Racism and Ethnicity SW2018 Module
Racism, and Social Welfare SW3012 Module
Reflecting on Politics, Policy and Practice SW4066 Module
Reflective SW Practitioner SW3301 Module
Research for Specialist Professional Practice SW3073 Module
Researching SW Pract SW4098 Module
Responding to contemporary issues in professional practice and mental health law SW4726 Module
Responding to Contemporary Issues in Social Work and Social Care SW4712 Module
Safeguarding and Adult Protection SW4702 Module
Safeguarding Children in an International Context SW4035 Module
Safeguarding Law and Practice SW4302 Module
Second Year Placement SW2999 Module
Soc & Pol cont of the Drug Pro SW4071 Module
Soc Wrk Processes & Int 1 SW4103 Module
Social Care in Europe SW4110 Module
Social Care In Europe SW3035 Module
Social Construction of Reality SW1102 Module
Social Enterprise and Community Management SW3720 Module
Social Foundations For Health SW1006 Module
Social Justice SW1067 Module
Social Justice SW4303 Module
Social Pedagogical Leadership SW4505 Module
Social Pedagogy: Theory and Practice SW4721 Module
Social Perspective on Mental Health and Distress SW2071 Module
Social Research SW4018 Module
Social Research Skils SW2111 Module
Social Work SWC020 Module
Social Work Practice 1 SW4300 Module
Social Work Practice 1: applying theory, Methods & research SW2072 Module
Social Work Practice 2 SW4004 Module
Social Work Practice 2: Critical application of theory, methods and research SW3072 Module
Social Work Practice 2: Developing as a Professional SW4400 Module
Social Work Processes and Intervention SW2051 Module
Society in Focus: A Sociological Understanding SW1801 Module
Sociology, Social Problems and Social Work SW1060 Module
Spcialist Practice Module SW3057 Module
Spec under part drug users SW4070 Module
Stat & Quan Analy Com Pract SW4803 Module
Statutory Duties And Powers SW1302 Module
Student Initiated Credit SW2982 Module
Student Initiated Credits SWC011 Module
Student Initiated Module SW2729 Module
Student Initiated Module SW3739 Module
Student Initiated Module SW1729 Module
Study Skills SWC040 Module
Substance Misuse: a holistic approach to problematic drug and alcohol use SW4708 Module
Teach & Learn in Work Place SW3052 Module
The Care Management Process SW4006 Module
The Context of Care SW4201 Module
The Dev of SW Practice (V1) SW2306 Module
The Issues For Social Work SW2203 Module
The Making of Social Policy SW4012 Module
Themes & Perspectives in Social Research SW4800 Module
Theorising Childhood and Adolescence SW4085 Module
Theory & Practice of Mental Health Law SW4117 Module
Transitions in Children and Young People’s Lives SW1602 Module
Understanding and Communicating with People SW4301 Module
Understanding Individuals, Families and Communities SWC030 Module
Users and Carers: Exploring our experiences and knowledge SW1069 Module
Work with Peop Learn Diffs SW3025 Module
Working As A Volunteer SW1010 Module
Working with Adults SW3026 Module
Working with Children, Families and Young People SW3027 Module
Working with Children, Families and Young People SW3029 Module
Working with children, Young People and Families SW2069 Module
Working with Drug Users SW3401 Module
Working with Individuals, Families and Communities SWC031 Module
Youth Matters SW3726 Module

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