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Name Code Type
A & P for the Outdoors SU2010 Module
Adventure Tourism Ops SU2006 Module
Apps of OL in Health & TC SU3008 Module
Contemp Issues in Out Industry SU3004 Module
Expedition Planning SU1018 Module
Experiential Learning SU2008 Module
Gender, Ethnicity & Soc Incl SU3006 Module
Low Impact Development SU2000 Module
Man the Outdoor Env Exp SU2012 Module
Org Events at Visitor Attract SU2204 Module
Out Ed in the Natural Env SU2003 Module
Out Leadership - Related Socio SU2004 Module
Outdoor Ed in the UK SU1013 Module
Outdoor Leadership & Education SU2001 Module
Outdoor Mgt Development SU3005 Module
Practical Outdoor Activities SU1017 Module
Practical Outdoor Education SU2007 Module
Practical Outdoor Leadership SU3007 Module
Small Business Management SU2009 Module
Student Expedition SU2005 Module
Visitor Attraction Management SU2202 Module
Visitor Interpretation SU2203 Module
Work Based Issues in Out Ind SU1012 Module
Work Placement SU2205 Module

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