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Name Code Type
Applied Community Practice: Research and development SW3800 Module
Approaches to Learning: Personal and Professional Development SP1050 Module
Comparative Social Policy and Social Change SP4002 Module
Contexualising Welfare 1: The Development of UK Social Policy SW1804 Module
Contexualising Welfare 2: Theories, Concepts and Issues SW1805 Module
Dissertation SP3990 Module
Dissertation SP3991 Module
Health, Ageing and Social Care SW2720 Module
Management, Markets and Delivering Welfare SW2802 Module
Poverty, Homelessness and Supported Housing SW3721 Module
Power, Opression and Society SW2803 Module
Social Policy SPC001 Module
Social Policy in Practice SP4004 Module
Social Theory and contextual Analysis SW3723 Module
Social Theory and Social Policy: Rethinking Welfare SP4003 Module
Working in Community Practice: Research and Development, SW2800 Module
Working with People with Learning Disabilities SW3722 Module

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