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Name Code Type
Contemporary Social Theories SO3107 Module
Contemporary Thinkers SO2214 Module
Culture and Identity SO1113 Module
Dissertation in Sociology SO3990 Module
Doing Social Research SO1114 Module
Double Dissertation in Sociology SO3991 Module
Gender & Organisations SO3151 Module
Global Social Inequalities SO1112 Module
Innovative Research SO2015 Module
Introduction to Sociology and Contemporary Religion SOC101 Module
Media and Culture SO1004 Module
Policing Diversity SO3152 Module
Power and Inequalities in Society SO1101 Module
Researching Social Life SO4108 Module
Resist & Reb & Racist Violence SO3019 Module
Sexy Bodies SO3004 Module
Sociological Thinking in the Modern World SO1111 Module
Sociological Ways of Thinking SO1116 Module
Sociology SOC001 Module
Sociology of Disability SO3110 Module
Sociology of Religion SO2002 Module
Sociology of Religion SO3104 Module
State and Society in Global Perspectives SO2112 Module
The Sociology of Neo-Liberalism SO3114 Module
The Sociology of Social Movements and Revolution SO2103 Module
Understanding Security and Policing in the Twenty-First Century SO3003 Module
Youth, Identity and Difference SO1115 Module

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