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Name Code Type
Analysing & Improving Performance SD2210 Module
Club and Community Development SD1204 Module
Coaching Multi-sports SD2209 Module
Coaching Process SD1207 Module
Community and Coaching Practice SD1205 Module
Developing Physical Activity SD1224 Module
Exercise Leadership and Gym Oriented Exercise SD1208 Module
Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation SD2102 Module
Health and Fitness Management SD1209 Module
Issues in Sports Development SD2208 Module
Managing Sports Activities SD2002 Module
Nutrition and Weight Control SD2107 Module
Personal & Vocational Development for Sport SD1200 Module
Personal Trainer SD2206 Module
Research Project SD2201 Module
The Delivery of Sport and Physical Activity SD1202 Module
The Health and Fitness Industry SD1106 Module
Understanding Coaching Practice SD1206 Module
Understanding Coaching Practice SD1210 Module
Volunteer & Leadership Development SD1203 Module
Work Placement SD2200 Module

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