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Advanced Mathematical and Simulation Methods SC3007 Module
Design Awareness (including nuclear safety case introduction) SC1143 Module
Fundamentals of Nuclear Scienc SC1002 Module
Further Engineering Mathematics and Simulation SC2153 Module
Geo Asp of Radi Waste Disposal SC3005 Module
Governance of Decommissioning 2 SC2511 Module
Instrumentation & Control SC2106 Module
Introduction to Professional Practice SC2556 Module
Leadership Strategies And Skills In Nuclear Related Environment SC4108 Module
Manuf & Proc Plant Principles SC1008 Module
Nuclear Related Postgraduate Dissertation SC4112 Module
Nuclear Safety Management SC2109 Module
Nuclear-Related Dissertation SC3001 Module
Professional Development SC1121 Module
Professional Practice SC2550 Module
Project Control SC2553 Module
Regulation And Management Of Nuclear Safety SC4102 Module
Research Methodology SC4107 Module
Risk and Value in Project Management SC1144 Module
Safety Case Management SC2552 Module
Sci & Tech Challenges in Decom SC3003 Module
Science and Society SC2555 Module
The Delivery of Nuclear Safety SC4103 Module
The Delivery of Nuclear Security and Safeguards SC4105 Module
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology SC4101 Module
The Regulation and Management of Nuclear Security SC4104 Module

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