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Contemporary Islam: Challenges and Opportunities RB4008 Module
Contemporary Islam: Predicaments and Promises RB2015 Module
Dharma Religions RB1003 Module
Dissertation RB3990 Module
Exploring Christian Theology RB2001 Module
Faith, Identity, Culture and Society RB1014 Module
Fundamentalism & Cultural Heritage RB2000 Module
Interfaith Dialogue, Technology and Pluralism RB4013 Module
Introduction to Islam RB1005 Module
Introduction to Religion, Culture and Society RBC601 Module
Placement Module RB3200 Module
Qu'ranic Studies: Revelation and Reformation RB2006 Module
Religion and Social Exclusion RB2003 Module
Religion in a Global Village RB3003 Module
Religion, Media and Culture RB3007 Module
Religion, Society and the State RB1017 Module
Religious Pluralism RBC001 Module
Sacredness & Spirituality RB2241 Module
Specialist Project RB4010 Module
The Abrahamic Faiths RB1016 Module
Understanding Religion & Belief RB1334 Module

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