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Name Code Type
Acute Management of Injuries PU1007 Module
Aiding Function PZ1101 Module
Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology of Health PZ1067 Module
Applied Anatomy and Soft Tissue Therapy PZ1060 Module
Applied Theory in Rehab PZ3016 Module
Assist Clinical Pract 4 PZ2032 Module
Assist Practice in Fluoroscopy PZ2026 Module
Assistant Practice Mammography PZ2048 Module
Assisting Clinical Pract 2 PZ1008 Module
Assisting Clinical Pract 3 PZ2016 Module
Assisting Clinical Practice 1 PZ1013 Module
Assisting Function PZ1009 Module
Assisting Rehabilitation Practice PZ2074 Module
Asst Prac in Plain Film Radiog PZ2028 Module
Asst Pract Nuclear Medicine PZ2025 Module
Basis of Human Movement PZ1071 Module
Basis of Human Movement 2 PZ1075 Module
Building Research Capability PZ3044 Module
Cardio - Pulmonary Rehab PZ2001 Module
Case Management PZ2107 Module
Collaborative Working in Health & Social Care 1 PZ1027 Module
Collaborative Working in Health & Social Care 2 PZ2127 Module
Communicating Collaboration PZ1022 Module
Community Rehabilitation PZ2108 Module
CT Scanning PZ2027 Module
Curr Iss in Hea & Soc Care 2 PZ3015 Module
Developing Practice PZ2066 Module
Disease Management PZ2105 Module
Evidence based practice PZ2091 Module
Evidence Based Practice 3 PZ3010 Module
Foundations for MH Practice PZ2077 Module
Foundations for Practice PZ1090 Module
Foundations for Practice PZ1068 Module
Function & Dysfunction 1 PZ1041 Module
Function and Dysfunction 2 PZ1043 Module
Functional Anatomy & Physiol PZ1070 Module
Functional Anatomy for Physical Activity PZ1077 Module
Health Promotion PZ2073 Module
Health Training PZ1026 Module
Indep Lea in Spo Ther Part 1 PZ2021 Module
Injection Therapy PU4025 Module
Integrated Studies PZ2043 Module
Intermediate Care PZ2018 Module
Intro to LT Conditions PZ1105 Module
Leg, pol, eth & qual dim pract PZ1018 Module
Lifelong learn & Stud Skills PZ1021 Module
Manag Yourself Within an Org PZ3017 Module
Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care PZ2035 Module
Management of Long Term Conditions across the Lifespan PZ2080 Module
Managing Learning and Understanding the Research Process - Part One PZ1007 Module
Mang Equality and Dev Others PZ3018 Module
Mental Health Across the Lifespan PZ1046 Module
Mentoring and Professional Practice PZ3043 Module
Musculo-Skeletal Rehab PZ2029 Module
Neuro-Musculoskeletal Rehab PZ2008 Module
Neurology Rehabilitation PZ2004 Module
Paediatric Rehabilitation PZ2015 Module
Physical Examination and Therapeutic Exercise for Sports Injuries PU2020 Module
Physical Sciences PZ1016 Module
Physio Resp in Hea & Illness PZ2036 Module
Physiological Approaches to Health & Illness 1 PZ1025 Module
Physiotherapy Practice 1 PZ2044 Module
Practice Based Learning 3 PZ3013 Module
Practice Based Learning 4 PZ3014 Module
Practice Placement 3 PZ3040 Module
Practice Placement 2 PZ2045 Module
Practice Placement 4 PZ3041 Module
Principles and Practice of Training PZ1072 Module
Prof Know & Skills 8 PZ3008 Module
Prof Know & Skills 9 PZ3009 Module
Professional Practice 2 PZ3012 Module
Professional Practice in Sport, Exercise and Health PZ3061 Module
Promoting Health & Rehab PZ2037 Module
Promoting Healthier Lifestyle Choices PZ3026 Module
Radiation - P, P & L PZ2064 Module
Rehab & Hea Promotion PZ2000 Module
Rehab of the older person PZ2038 Module
Rehab over the lifespan PZ2003 Module
Rehabilitation Practice PZ2039 Module
Self Management PZ2106 Module
Student Initiated Module PZ2071 Module
Student Initiated Module PZ3042 Module
Study and Lifelong Learning Skills PZ1015 Module
Supp Healthy Lifestyle Choices PZ1066 Module
Supporting Professional Practice PZ2090 Module
Therapy Management & Organisation PZ4023 Module
Work Peop Acquire Brain Injury PZ2002 Module

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