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Name Code Type
Dissertation PV3991 Module
Enterprise and Prof Practice PV4015 Module
Intro to Screenwriting PV1030 Module
Introduction to Filmmaking PVC001 Module
Introduction to Radio Writing PV1034 Module
Research Methods PV4010 Module
Screenwriting Practical 4 PV3203 Module
Screenwriting Stage 2 PV1035 Module
Script and Shoot PV2036 Module
Scriptwriting for Production PVC002 Module
Scriptwriting Major Project PV4155 Module
Scriptwriting the Video Game PV4160 Module
Starting the Feature PV3035 Module
Story Design PV2030 Module
The Short Film PV3036 Module
The Writer's Room PV3034 Module
Work as Practice PV3981 Module
Writing Comedy PV1032 Module
Writing Comedy PV2032 Module
Writing for Film PV2031 Module
Writing For Film PV4120 Module
Writing for Radio PV4121 Module
Writing for Stage PV4145 Module
Writing for Television PV4135 Module
Writing for Video Games PV2035 Module
Writing Radio Drama PV2034 Module
Writing TV Drama & Serials PV1033 Module

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