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Name Code Type
Advanced Clinical Psychology Project PS4656 Module
Advanced Cognitive Psychology PS4054 Module
Advanced Developmental Psychopathology PS3051 Module
Advanced Forensic Psychology Project PS4980 Module
Advanced Health Psychology Project PS4940 Module
Advanced Methods in Psychology PS4700 Module
Advanced Psychology Project PS4906 Module
Advanced Psychology Project PS4900 Module
Advanced Sport & Exercise Psychology Project PS4990 Module
Advanced Topics in Safeguarding Children and Young People from Online Sexual Exploitation PS4404 Module
Aggression & Bullying in Chldhood PS4107 Module
An Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology PS1610 Module
Applications of Clinical Psychology Practice, Clinical Research, Service Delivery PS3081 Module
Applied Sport Psychology PS4904 Module
Apploied Molecular Biology PS2602 Module
Applying Psychology PS2650 Module
Applying Psychology to the Educational Setting PS3050 Module
Baby Minds PS1660 Module
Behavioural Dynamics of Cybercrime PS4401 Module
Biological Treatments in Psychiatry PS3506 Module
Brain and Behaviour PS1685 Module
Brain Language Memory PS4603 Module
Brain, Treatments and Behaviour PS3025 Module
Clinical Neuropsychology PS3301 Module
Clinical Perspectives on Psychological Disorders PS1680 Module
Clinical Psychology PS2360 Module
Clinical psychology across the lifespan PS4650 Module
Clinical Psychology Project PS3985 Module
Clinical Research Design and Processes. PS4652 Module
Clinical Skills PS4654 Module
Cognition & Emotion in Sport PS4901 Module
Cognitive & Biological Psychology PS4030 Module
Cognitive and Physiological Psychology PS2030 Module
Cognitive Behaviour Assessment and Treatment Planning in Clinical Psychology PS3085 Module
Cognitive Psychology PS2400 Module
Contemporary Issues in Social Psychology PS3065 Module
Control Action Sport PS3407 Module
Crime: Impacts and Consequences PS3015 Module
Current Topics in Psychology PS1040 Module
Current Topics in Psychology 2 PS1045 Module
Detecting Credibility and Deception PS4602 Module
Developmental Psychology PS2200 Module
Drugs and Behaviour PS3501 Module
Eating Behaviour and Disorders PS3311 Module
Emotion Awareness PS4601 Module
Essential Psychology: Concepts and History PS4000 Module
Forensic Mental Health PS4807 Module
Forensic Psychology Project PS3910 Module
Forensic Risk Assessment PS4804 Module
Foundations of Neuroscience PS1035 Module
Foundations of Psychology PSC006 Module
Frontiers in Biopsychology PS3800 Module
Health Psychology PS2350 Module
Health Psychology Core Intervention Issues PS4323 Module
Health Psychology Core Psychobiological Issues PS4321 Module
Health Psychology Core Psychosocial Issues PS4322 Module
Health Psychology in Practice PS3310 Module
Health Psychology Project PS3940 Module
Intelligence, Motivation & Psychometrics PS2040 Module
Interpersonal and Organisational Psychology PS3060 Module
Introduction to Cell Biology PS1601 Module
Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology PS1020 Module
Introduction to Forensic Psychology PS2800 Module
Introduction to Psychobiology and Cognition PS1030 Module
Introduction To Psychological Enquiry PS1010 Module
Introduction to Psychology PSC005 Module
Introduction to Psychology in Sport PS1112 Module
Measurement Issues and Outcomes in Health Psychology PS4325 Module
Methods in Psychology PS2700 Module
Methods In Sports Science PS2710 Module
Mind Games: Topics in Sport and Exercise PS1690 Module
Motivation Sport and Exercise PS3107 Module
Neurocognitive Development & Disorders PS2250 Module
Neuropsychological Disorders and Techniques PS3020 Module
Neuropsychology Project PS3930 Module
Neuroscience Project PS3980 Module
Personal Attributes of Offenders and Victims PS4802 Module
Physiology: Organisms and their Environment PS2860 Module
Placement Year PS2070 Module
Practical Applications of Clinical Psychology: Placement PS4658 Module
Professional Issues & Practice in Clinical Psychology PS4651 Module
Professional Issues in Health Psychology PS4324 Module
Professional Practice: Forensic Consultancy and Supervision PS4803 Module
Psychological Research Methods 1: Design and Quantitative Analysis PS2010 Module
Psychological Research Methods 2: Quantitative Methods PS2015 Module
Psychology and the Legal System PS4801 Module
Psychology at Work PS3604 Module
Psychology Conversion Project PS4090 Module
Psychology of Exercise and Physical Activity PS4903 Module
Psychology of Paranormal PS1620 Module
Psychology of the Media PS1640 Module
Psychology Project PS3900 Module
Psychology, Investigation and the Courtroom PS4805 Module
Quantitative Psychological Research PS4010 Module
Research Methods & Statistics for Clinical Psychologists PS4653 Module
Safeguarding Children and Young People in the Online Environment PS4403 Module
Social and Developmental Psychology PS2020 Module
Social and Motivation Processes in Sport and Exercise PS4902 Module
Social Psychology PS2100 Module
Specialist Applications of Clinical Psychology PS4655 Module
Specialist Applications of Clinical Psychology PS4657 Module
Sport Psychology PS2900 Module
Sport Psychology Project PS3920 Module
Sport Science Proj.(Psychology PS3990 Module
Techniques in Applied Psychology PS3700 Module
The Psychology of Individual Differences PS4040 Module
Topics and Techniques in Biopsychology PS2850 Module
Topics in Forensic and Criminal Psychology PS1630 Module
Topics on Psychology PS1500 Module
Violent and Sexual Offenders: Intervention PS4806 Module
Violent and Sexual Offending PS3010 Module

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