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(NQF L6) Enhancing Corporate Reputation PR3500 Module
Applied Communciation: Theoretical Concepts and Principles PR4015 Module
Applied Communication PR3103 Module
Applied Communication Management PR4016 Module
Attitudes and Behaviour PR3124 Module
Bus Communications in Context PR2120 Module
Bus Environment and Strategy PR2033 Module
Bus. Com. Theory and Practice PR1120 Module
Business Com. Writing Skills PR1121 Module
Communication and Technology PR4005 Module
Copywriting PR2111 Module
Corp Image & Identity in Glo. PR4003 Module
Corporate Reputation and Organisational Relationship Managment PR2000 Module
Corporate Strategy and Communication PR3102 Module
Critical Persp on PR Practice PR4010 Module
Digital Communication PR4012 Module
Dissertation PR3104 Module
Dissertation PR4999 Module
Effective Writing and Presentation Skills PR1105 Module
Embodied Labour & Cultur PR2112 Module
Fundamentals of Strat Com: PR PR3400 Module
Fundamentals of strategic communication PR4018 Module
Fundraising & Sponsorship PR3115 Module
Fundraising & Sponsorship PR4014 Module
Global Understanding for Business PR2010 Module
Internal Communication and Organisational Behaviour PR4019 Module
Internal Communication Management Dissertation PR4022 Module
Internal Communication: theory, concepts & principles PR4007 Module
Internal Corporate Communication PR3110 Module
Introduction to Communication Theory PR1103 Module
Introduction to PR and Media within the Fashion Industry PR1005 Module
Issues and Crisis Communication PR3008 Module
Leadership Communicator Descriptor PR4020 Module
MA Dissertation PR4997 Module
MA Strategic Communication Dissertation PR4990 Module
Media Comms Theory & Practice PR1106 Module
Media Communications PR4011 Module
Media Relations PR3121 Module
Media Relations PR2105 Module
MSc Dissertation PR4991 Module
Multi-Cultural Communication PR4002 Module
Organisational Culture Crisis Change PR4021 Module
Political Communication PR2013 Module
PR Concepts and Cases PR2102 Module
Press and Publicity PR1111 Module
Press Communcation Mgmt PR3106 Module
Press Coms Project PR3108 Module
Public Affairs PR3109 Module
Public Affairs and Public Issues Management PR4013 Module
Public Relations Consultancy (Uk Progress) PR3101 Module
Public Relations in Context PR2101 Module
Public Relations Management PR2106 Module
Public Relations Placement PR3100 Module
Public Relations Project PR3123 Module
Public Relations Theory & Prac PR1101 Module
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods PR4024 Module
Quantitative & Qualitative Res PR4017 Module
Research Methods PR3402 Module
Research Methods PR2204 Module
Research Methods for Bus Comm PR2121 Module
Research Process PR3401 Module
Rhetoric PR4006 Module
Social Influence in Context PR2103 Module
Social Media for Public Relations PR2007 Module
Sport Event Management PR2108 Module
Sports Public Relations PR3112 Module
Strategic Comm Project PR4009 Module
Strategic Comunication Mgmt PR4008 Module
Student Initiated Module PR2961 Module
Substain. Dev. & Green Comm. PR4004 Module
Theory & Philosophy of Comm. PR3113 Module

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