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Name Code Type
(Applications of Research Methods) PJ4014 Module
Acute and Emergency Care PJ4605 Module
Advanced Drug Delivery PJ4100 Module
Advanced Medicinal Chemistry PJ4019 Module
Biopharmaceutics PJ3100 Module
Cancer Management & Therapy PJ4200 Module
Clinical Perspectives of the Disease Process PJ4201 Module
Clinical Pharmacy 1 PJ4600 Module
Clinical Pharmacy 2 PJ4603 Module
Clinical Pharmacy Practice PJ4503 Module
Dosage Forms 2 PJ2101 Module
Drug Development PJ3101 Module
Drug Development PJ4101 Module
Drug Discovery and Development PJ4012 Module
Evidence based medicine PJ4601 Module
Foundations of Pharmacy Practice PJ1302 Module
Health and Disease PJ1301 Module
Independent Prescribing PJ4699 Module
Independent Prescribing PJ4608 Module
Independent Project PJ4610 Module
Integrated Care PJ4604 Module
Journey of Medicine PJ1300 Module
Leadership and Management PJ4607 Module
Medicinal Chemistry (PTP3) PJ2100 Module
Medicines Information PJ4504 Module
Medicines Management (PPP4) PJ2001 Module
Mental Health PJ4606 Module
MRes Research Project PJ4020 Module
Nanomedicine and Biotechnology Products PJ4016 Module
Patient Services for Secondary Care PJ4502 Module
Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Practice PJ4017 Course
Pharmacy as a Business PJ4002 Module
Pharmacy Practice 2 (PPP3) PJ2000 Module
Pharmacy Practice 3 PJ4000 Module
Pharmacy Service Design PJ4001 Module
Portfolio 2 PJ4508 Module
Postgraduate Research Skills PJ4506 Module
Preparation for Professional Practice PJ4300 Module
Prescribing and Therapeutics PJ3201 Module
Professional Competence Module PJ4500 Module
Professional Placement PJ4021 Module
Public Health PJ4602 Module
Quality Assurance, Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs and Analytical Instrumentation PJ4018 Module
Research Development PJ4022 Module
Research Methods PJ4609 Module
Research Methods and Project Development PJ3997 Module
Research Methods Principles PJ4011 Module
Research Project PJ4015 Module
Research Project PJ4611 Module
Research Project Implementation PJ4997 Module
Student Initiated Clinical Pharmacy Practice PJ4505 Module
Student Initiated Specialisms PJ4507 Module
System based Patient care 2 PJ3300 Module
Systems Based Patient Care PJ2300 Module
Systems Pharmacology 2 (AUDM3) PJ2200 Module

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