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Name Code Type
Advanced Philosophical Text PI3102 Module
Aesthetics PI2025 Module
Aesthetics PI3020 Module
Aesthetics & Environment PI4025 Module
Aethetics and Environment PI4007 Module
Ans, Plant, Nat in West (DL) PI4022 Module
Ans, Plants and Natu in West PI4004 Module
Applied Ethics Dissertation PI3993 Module
Consciousness, Freedom & Value PI1112 Module
Contemporary Ethical Theory PI3021 Module
Delib & Pub Dec Making PI4010 Module
Deliberation Pub Dec Making PI4028 Module
Dissertation PI4011 Module
Dissertation (D-L) PI4029 Module
Enhancing Nature PI4040 Module
Environmental Ethics PI4002 Module
Environmental Ethics PI3004 Module
Environmental Ethics D-L PI4020 Module
Foundations Of Ethics PI2214 Module
Genetics and Crime PI3103 Module
Global Ethics PI4009 Module
Global Ethics PI4027 Module
Goethean Science PI4030 Module
Goethean Science PI4012 Module
Historicism and Hermeneutics PI2006 Module
Independent Research Module PI4031 Module
Introduction to Philosophy PIC101 Module
Introduction to Philosophy 1 PI1117 Module
Kant & Limitations of Reason PI2015 Module
Kant & the limitations of reas PI3015 Module
Kant and Kantian Ethics PI2216 Module
Kant and Kantian Ethics PI3216 Module
Knowledge and Freedom PI1118 Module
Logic and Language PI2013 Module
Medical Ethics PI3003 Module
Metaphysics PI2211 Module
Metaphysics Mind & Knowledge PI3101 Module
Modern European Thought PI3006 Module
Phenom & Existentialism PI3005 Module
Phenomenology & Environ PI4024 Module
Phenomenology & Existentialism PI2060 Module
Phenomenology and Environment PI4006 Module
Phenomenology and Existentialism PI2005 Module
Philosophy and Popular Culture PI3025 Module
Philosophy Conservation DL PI4021 Module
Philosophy Dissertation PI3991 Module
Philosophy of Cons in Pract PI4026 Module
Philosophy of Conserv in Pract PI4008 Module
Philosophy of Conservation PI4003 Module
Philosophy of Language PI3013 Module
Philosophy of Religion PI2001 Module
Problems in Contemporary Applied Ethics PI1119 Module
Prof Ethics and Reflec Pract PI2219 Module
Prof Ethics and Reflective Pra PI4001 Module
Sci & domination of Nature PI4023 Module
Sci and Dom of Nature PI4005 Module
Science Fiction and Philosophy PI1115 Module
SIM in Philosophy PI2971 Module
SIM in Philosopny PI2970 Module
Student Initiated Module PI1981 Module
Student Initiated Module PI4013 Module
Student Initiated Module (DL) PI4033 Module
The Philosophy Of Mind PI2212 Module
The Value of Knowledge PI1005 Module
The Value of Knowledge PIC001 Module
Thinking about Bioethics PIC002 Module
Topic in Greek Philosophy PI3018 Module
Topic in Greek Philosophy PI2018 Module

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