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Name Code Type
Approaches to Photography PHC001 Module
Critical Practices PH2007 Module
Critical Theory PH2006 Module
Dissertation PH3991 Module
Experimental Practice PH1020 Module
Final Project PH3013 Module
Final Project (Double Module) PH4032 Module
Independent Practice PH3012 Module
Introduction to Photography PH1000 Module
Live Project PH4019 Module
New Media Practices PH4010 Module
Open Practice PH2004 Module
Photography And Narrative PH1001 Module
Photography and the Everyday PH1003 Module
Portfolio Development PH3010 Module
Professional Darkroom Practice PH4022 Module
Professional Development PH3011 Module
Research Project PH4031 Module
Self-Images: Identities, Diaries and Documents PHC002 Module
Socially Engaged Art PH4029 Module
Space, Location and Territory PH4018 Module
The Photographic Image PH1010 Module
Visualising Ideas PH1200 Module
Visualising the Invisible PH4024 Module

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