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Adv Clin Pract Cardiology PG4102 Module
Adv Clin Pract in Anaesthesia PG4103 Module
Adv Clin Pract Int Medicine PG4101 Module
Adv Spec Pract Rheumatology PG4104 Module
Anat & Physio with Assoc Termi PG2005 Module
App Pbulic Hea Plan & Strateg PG4110 Module
Applied Pub Hea Project PG4115 Module
Applied Public Health PG4111 Module
Beh Man of Adult Obesity PG4000 Module
Clin Ed for dietians PG4100 Module
Clin Skills Prim Care Derm PG4064 Module
Conscious Sedation PG4009 Module
Current Iss in Food Safety PG4004 Module
Data Info and Knowledge PG1002 Module
Drawing Conclusions from Data PG2001 Module
Enh Employ Skills for Medicine PG4991 Module
Epidemiology & Pub Hea Dev PG4112 Module
Ess of Surg & Rest Imp Dent 1 PG4205 Module
Ess of Surg & Rest Imp Dent 2 PG4206 Module
Food Preservation & Processing PG4016 Module
Found in Dent Implant 1 PG4200 Module
Found in Dent Implant 2 PG4201 Module
Found in Dent Implant 3 PG4202 Module
Healthy settings theory, policy and practice PG4114 Module
Human Resources 1 PG1009 Module
Human Resources 2 PG2006 Module
IT & Stats for Health PG3034 Module
IT Application and Development PG1008 Module
Leadership in Medical Practice PG4165 Module
Man Proj & Change Food Safety PG4017 Module
Mentoring in Primary Care PG4063 Module
NHS Cult/Ctxt: Eyes Prim Care PG4993 Module
Operational Health Records PG1007 Module
Paed Practice in a UK Context PG4992 Module
Partic in Evolv Hea Serv: Enha PG4210 Module
Population Approaches to Measuring Health and Well Being PG4215 Module
Pract Medicine in a UK Context PG4994 Module
Practical Food Microbiology PG4015 Module
Psych fac Relat to L & M LTHC PG4054 Module
Psych Practice in a UK Context PG4995 Module
RCGP NW Fac Pres & Therapeutic PG4028 Module
Reprod Healthcare UK Context PG4996 Module
Risk Management in Health Protection PG4113 Module
Spec Clin Pract in ORL-HNS PG4213 Module
Spec Clin Pract in Orthapeadic PG4212 Module
Surg Practice in a UK Context PG4997 Module
The role of Info in the Org PG1003 Module
The role of IS IT & Nat Prog PG1001 Module
Work Based Learning I PG3051 Module
Work Based Learning II PG3052 Module
Work Based Learning III PG3053 Module
Work Based Learning IV PG3054 Module
Work-based learning 1 PG4025 Module

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