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Name Code Type
[tbc] NT4034 Module
Alternative Energy Technology NT3046 Module
Biogeography NT2005 Module
Building Services NT2007 Module
Carbon Management NT3050 Module
Carbon Regulation and Policy NT4035 Module
Computing (CAD) NT2066 Module
Design Project 3 NT3038 Module
Disaster Response & Mangement NT3028 Module
Dissertation NT3008 Module
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms NT2010 Module
Ecology NT1003 Module
Electrical Supply & Distribution NT2053 Module
Emergency Management Skills NT4050 Module
Emergency Response NT4036 Module
Energy Production and Distribution NT4037 Module
Engineering Analysis 3 NT2060 Module
Engineering Analysis 4 NT3040 Module
Engineering Design Project NT4023 Module
Engineering Design Project 2 NT2059 Module
Engineering Dissertation NT3048 Module
Environmental Change NT2013 Module
Environmental Impact Assessment NT3010 Module
Environmental Law NT3039 Module
Environmental Legislation & Policy for Waste Management NT4010 Module
Environmental Management within Organisations NT4007 Module
Environmental Pollution and Control NT4033 Module
Field Investigations NT1006 Module
Fieldwork (Stage Two) NT3011 Module
Geographical Information Systems NT2020 Module
Geographical Interpretations: Introduction to Approaches in Human Geography NT1005 Module
Geology NT2046 Module
Global Waste Management NT4019 Module
Health and Safety in the Workplace NT2065 Module
Historical and Cultural Geography NT3014 Module
HVAC for Sustainable Buildings NT4021 Module
Intelligent Buildings NT3042 Module
Introduction to Academic Principles, Study and Methods NT1017 Module
Introduction to Physical Geography NT1010 Module
Issues in Sustainability NT1028 Module
Lighting Installation & Design NT2062 Module
Mechanical Services Design NT2054 Module
Nature, Science and Society NT3018 Module
Plant and Maintenance NT3037 Module
Practical Application of Renewable Energy Technologies NT4030 Module
Practical Aspects of Waste Management NT4013 Module
Research Theory & Practice NT2031 Module
Resources: Life Cycle Analysis NT4040 Module
Restoration Ecology NT3021 Module
River and Waste Management NT3022 Module
Society and Space NT2034 Module
Soil Degradation and Management NT3023 Module
Soils and the Environment NT2015 Module
Student Initiated Module NT2033 Module
Sustainable Electrical Services and Lighting NT4025 Module
Systems Design NT3036 Module
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 2 NT2055 Module
Urban and Rural Policy NT2038 Module
Urban Cultures and the Creative City NT3055 Module
Waste Management Dissertation NT4011 Module
Waste Resources and Solutions NT4008 Module
Waste Treatment Technology NT4009 Module

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