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Name Code Type
Clin Lead for Pract Dev NP3208 Module
Clin Lead for Pract Dev (EL) NP3901 Module
Clinical Pain Management NP4009 Module
Comp Ther in Health Care NP3006 Module
Consolidation of RN Pract NP2711 Module
Cont Prof Iss & Cont in Nursin NP3509 Module
Course Project NP3320 Module
Def Evidence Base for Practice NP2625 Module
Dev Evidence Based Practice NP3625 Module
Dev Palliative Care Practice NP2429 Module
Dev Surgical Nurse Pract NP2431 Module
Developing And Managing Urolog NP2433 Module
Developing Practice in Diabetes Management NP3041 Module
Dissertation 1 NP4090 Module
Dissertation 2 NP4091 Module
Dissertation/Project NP3005 Module
Effective Pain Management NP2623 Module
Effective Pain Mangement NP3623 Module
Environment as a Health Issue NP3530 Module
Eth Iss in Health Pract (EL) NP3900 Module
Ethical Issues in Hea Pract NP3508 Module
Evidence Based Practice NP4001 Module
Expl Evidence Base for Pract NP2626 Module
Found in Diab Man (EL) NP2901 Module
Found in Diab Mngmnt:Pshps Car NP2601 Module
Hea Prom in Prof Practice NP3002 Module
Health Care Evaluation NP3001 Module
Introducing Palliative Care NP2440 Module
Introduction To Urological Nur NP2432 Module
Issues In Nurse Education NP3506 Module
Learn Reflect on Experience NP4010 Module
Loss In Professional Practice NP3507 Module
Management of Medications NP4004 Module
Managing The Care Environment NP3504 Module
Operational Issues Cancer Care NP3040 Module
Pall Care Practice Dev NP4060 Module
Phl Iss in Nrs & Hlth Care Res NP4020 Module
Prin Pract Tiss Viability NP2731 Module
Princ of Infection Control NP2630 Module
Professional Nursing Studies NP2600 Module
Ret Pract Child Nrs Pt15 NP2650 Module
Ret Pract Chld Nurs Pt8 NP2649 Module
Return to Pract (AGN) NP2641 Module
Return to Pract (AN) NP2642 Module
Return to Pract (MHN) NP2644 Module
Return to Pract (MHN) NP2643 Module
Return to Pract AGN NP2648 Module
Student Ini Pract Dev NP3306 Module
Student Initiated Module NP2581 Module
Supervision And Ment NP4002 Module
Val & Person/Ideas infl Hea Cr NP3004 Module

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