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1st Iss of Horm Con in Prac MW4063 Module
Advanced Practice in Maternal and Infant Health MW4030 Module
Advo & Educ for QI A-EQUIP MW4500 Module
Altered Health in Pregnancy MW2303 Module
Asymptomatic Screening in Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV for Contraceptive Practitioners MW3041 Module
Baby and Family 1 MW1302 Module
Baby and Family 2 MW2302 Module
Baby and Family 3 MW3304 Module
Breastfeeding - A Public Health Issue MW4013 Module
CASSTI & HIV (Practice) MW2602 Module
Cervical Screening in Practice MW3019 Module
Cervical Screening in Practice MW4017 Module
Connecting Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing MW4200 Module
Contemporary Management in Intensive Care of the Neonate MW3112 Module
Contraception and Sexual Health Update MW3134 Module
Contraception: Theory and Practice MW3032 Module
Contraception: Theory and Practice MW4019 Module
Crit Care in Preg & Cbirth MW3010 Module
Critical Thinking and Challenges in Sexual Health MW4016 Module
Cultural, Sociological and Political Perspectives of Sexual Health Care MW1026 Module
Current Perspectives in High Dependence Neonatal Care MW3111 Module
Dev of MW Theory & Practice MW2050 Module
Development of Practice-based Change MW4021 Module
Dissertation MW3992 Module
Educational Approaches to Midwifery MW4026 Module
Effective Communication and Engagement in Sexual Health MW2143 Module
Ethics and Law in Midwifery MW3701 Module
Evidence Based Midwifery Practice MW3801 Module
Examination of the Newborn (1) MW3704 Module
First Issuing of Hormonal Contraception in Practice MW3642 Module
Found Prac Low Dep Care Neon MW2708 Module
Foundations of Midwifery Practice MW2055 Module
Global Perspectives of Sexual Health MW3028 Module
Health and Wellbeing MW4201 Module
Health Promotion within Sexual Health MW4301 Module
High Dependency and Intensive Care of the Neonate MW3022 Module
HIV and Hepatitis MW3062 Module
HIV and Hepatitis MW4062 Module
Implem of Pract Based Change MW4020 Module
Intensive Care of the Neonate MW2023 Module
Intensive Care of the Neonate MW3023 Module
Intro to MW Theory & Practice MW1051 Module
Introduction to Neonatal Care MW1014 Module
Introduction to Sexual Health MW1006 Module
Leadership and Management within Maternity Services MW4025 Module
Leadership and Organisational Development MW3008 Module
Maternal and Child Health: Culture and Society MW4035 Module
Maternal substance Misuse MW3011 Module
Midwife 1 MW1300 Module
Midwife 2 MW2300 Module
Midwife 3 MW3302 Module
Midwifery Practice 1 MW2304 Module
Midwifery Practice 2 MW2305 Module
Mothers, Midwives and Society MW1052 Module
Neonatal Community Care MW3110 Module
Neonatal Developmental Care MW3107 Module
Organisational leadership and management MW4036 Module
Personal & Professional Development in Sexual Health MW3018 Module
Postgraduate Research Methodology MW4027 Module
Practice Development MW2024 Module
Preparation of Mentors MW3020 Module
Preparation of Teachers: Health and Social Care Professions MW4102 Module
Presentation and Teaching Skills MW3200 Module
Prevention and Management of Unplanned Pregnancy MW3118 Module
Prevention of Unplanned Pregnancy MW2118 Module
Principles of Blood Borne Viruses (BBV) MW2002 Module
Principles of Contraception and Fertility Control MW2148 Module
Principles of Sexual Health and STI's MW2718 Module
Principles of Sexual Health and STI's MW3718 Module
Principles of Sustainability MW4202 Module
Professional Practice MW2306 Module
Professional Practice and Public Protection - old values new culture MW3035 Module
Professional Practitioner MW3305 Module
Public Health and The Midwife MW3050 Module
Public Health and Wellbeing: Strategies and Interventions MW4043 Module
Quadruple Credit Dissertation MW4005 Module
Research in MW Practice MW2707 Module
Research in Practice MW2108 Module
Return to Practice MW2007 Module
Sex and Relationship Education across the Age Continuum MW2003 Module
Sexual Health & Asymptomatic Screening MW2005 Module
Sexual Health and Teenagers MW3604 Module
Sexual Health Communication MW2006 Module
Sexual Health Contemporary Practice MW4037 Module
Sexual Health Contemporary Practice MW3034 Module
Sexual Health Perspectives of Safeguarding MW3029 Module
Sexual Health Perspectives of Safeguarding (Adults and Children) MW4038 Module
Sexual Hlth reltd Bio Sciences MW1025 Module
Sexuality and Gender MW4039 Module
Sexuality and Gender MW3036 Module
Sexually Transmitted Infections: Theory & Practice MW3060 Module
Student Initiated Module MW3982 Module
Student Initiated Module MW2709 Module
Student Initiated Practice Development MW3024 Module
Substance Use: Effects on the Pregnant Woman and her Baby (2) MW4011 Module
Triple Credit Dissertation MW4990 Module
Woman & Childbearing 3 MW3303 Module
Woman and Childbearing 1 MW1301 Module
Woman and Childbearing 2 MW2301 Module
Women and Reproduction MW1050 Module
Women’s Health MW4028 Module

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