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Name Code Type
Additive Manufacturing Technologies MP4400 Module
Adv Composites Technology MP3596 Module
Adv Science&Tech of Tennis MP3888 Module
Advanced CAD MP3604 Module
Advanced CAD and Simulation MP3301 Module
Advanced Cycling Technology MP3106 Module
Advanced Engineering Systems MP4583 Module
Advanced Materials and Materials Selection MP4702 Module
Advanced Project Management for Engineers MP3908 Module
Advanced Project Management Practitioner for Engineers MP3909 Module
Advanced Sport Biomechanics MP3100 Module
Advanced Tribology MP4582 Module
Analysis & Simul. of Mech Syst MP2115 Module
Build your own 3D Printer MP4401 Module
CADCAM MP2711 Module
CADCAM MP2562 Module
Case Studies In Cae MP2662 Module
Case Studies In Manufacturing MP3642 Module
Clean Design & Manufacture MP3682 Module
Common Skills B MP2402 Module
Computer Aided Design MP3602 Module
Computer Aided Design and Manufacture MP2714 Module
Computer Aided Tribology MP3774 Module
Cycling Technology MP2102 Module
Design and Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems MP4710 Module
Design and Ergonomics MP2300 Module
Design and Operation of Sustainable Systems MP4701 Module
Design For Manufacture MP3542 Module
Drawing & CAD MP1515 Module
Educational Enterprise MP2492 Module
Electronics & Instrumentation EL1785 Module
Energy and Power Generation Systems MP3801 Module
Energy Systems MP4709 Module
Engineering Applications MP1520 Module
Engineering Design MP3731 Module
Engineering Design A MP2502 Module
Engineering Design and Manufacture MP2570 Module
Engineering Science MPC532 Module
Engineering Science MP1502 Module
Engineering Simulation MP3672 Module
Engineering Systems MP3595 Module
Engineering Systems A MP1552 Module
Engineering Systems B MP2572 Module
Enterprise A MP3585 Module
Excelling at ............ MP2712 Module
Fundamentals of Engineering Simulation MP3680 Module
Golf Industry Management MP2800 Module
Industrial Placement MP2899 Module
Industrial Studies MP2642 Module
Intro to Design & Ergonomics MP1300 Module
Intro to Engineering Science MPC502 Module
Intro to Marketing for Golf MP1800 Module
Intro to Sport Technology MP1200 Module
Intro. Research Methods Sport MP1600 Module
Introduction to Cycling Technology MP1101 Module
Maintenance Management Strategies MP4704 Module
Management of Golf Events MP3800 Module
Manufacturing Engineering MP1532 Module
Manufacturing Processes MP2504 Module
Manufacturing Simulation MP3674 Module
Manufacturing Technology MP2701 Module
Manufacturing/Materials Tech MP2401 Module
Masters Project MP4999 Module
Materials Technology MP3512 Module
Materials Technology for Sport MP1201 Module
Materials, Tribotechnology, Surface Engineering MP3702 Module
Mech, Kinematics and Materials MP2784 Module
Mechanical Engineering Science MP1783 Module
Mechanical Engineering Systems MP3395 Module
Mechanical Principles MPC512 Module
Mechanical Systems Reliability MP3701 Module
Mechanics MP1784 Module
Mechanics & Materials C MP3712 Module
Mechanics and Materials MP3713 Module
Mechanics And Materials A MP1542 Module
Mechanics And Materials B MP2512 Module
Mechatronics MP2400 Module
Mechatronics MP2672 Module
Modelling & Control of Dynamic Systems MP3590 Module
Motor Sports Design MP2578 Module
Motor Sports Systems MP3592 Module
Motor Sports Vehicle Design MP3598 Module
Motorsports Business with Statistical Methods MP1134 Module
Numerical Control Of Machines MP2632 Module
Operations Management A MP2721 Module
Operations Management B MP3732 Module
Physical Technology Ii MP2462 Module
Practical Biomechanics MP2105 Module
Principles of Engineering Simulation MP3678 Module
Principles of Manu Technology MP2521 Module
Product Innovation MP4402 Module
Production Planning & Control MP2532 Module
Professional Experience Proj MP3991 Module
Programmable Logic Control MP2702 Module
Project MP4998 Module
Project MP3995 Module
Project MP3999 Module
Project Management MP3703 Module
Project Management MP1404 Module
Project Mechanical and Production Engineering MP3997 Module
Quality Assurance MP2542 Module
Race Car Aerodynamics MP2577 Module
Race Car Anatomy MP1790 Module
Race Car Systems MP3594 Module
Renewable Energy Technology MP4708 Module
Reverse Engineering MP4403 Module
Science & Technology of Tennis MP2888 Module
Sensors, Instrumentation & Control MP4706 Module
Sport Biomechanics MP2100 Module
Sport Technology MP2200 Module
Sports Biomechanics for Sports Therapists MP2101 Module
Sports Ergonomics MP3305 Module
Sports Psychology & Golf Coach MP2801 Module
Sports Science Project (Bio) MP3990 Module
Statistical Process Control MP1403 Module
Sustainable Systems Development MP4705 Module
Technology MPC542 Module
Technology In Society MP3652 Module
Technology In Society A MP2692 Module
Technology In Society B MP3522 Module
The Engineer and Society MP4580 Module
Thermo-fluids MP2576 Module
Tribology MP3572 Module
Wind Turbine Generators MP4713 Module
Work Based Study MP2006 Module

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