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Advertising and Marketing Communications MK1006 Module
Advertising Management MK2002 Module
Applied Client Project MK4021 Module
Applied Digital Marketing Project MK2505 Module
Applied Marketing Research MK2552 Module
B2B and Reseller Markets MK3123 Module
Buyer Behaviour MK2204 Module
Campaign Planning MK3040 Module
Commercial Awareness MK1112 Module
Consumer Insight and Strategic Planning for Design Engineers MK4004 Module
Contemporary Consumers MK1554 Module
Contemporary Employee Relations MK3007 Module
Contemporary issues in digital marketing communications MK4524 Module
Contemporary Marketing MK4024 Module
Contemporary Marketing in Organisations MK4025 Module
Contemporary Retail Marketing MK3106 Module
Creative Digital Marketing MK2551 Module
Customers and Markets MK2013 Module
Developing Postgraduate Study and Learning MK4511 Module
Digital Behaviours MK1503 Module
Digital Design for Marketers MK2502 Module
Digital Marketing MK4028 Module
Digital Marketing MK4023 Module
Digital Marketing Planning MK2000 Module
Digital Marketing Platforms MK1502 Module
Digital Markting Project MK4595 Module
Electronic Marketing MK3034 Module
Employability and Professional Development MK2025 Module
Employability Essentials MK1025 Module
Enhancing Employability Through Work Related Learn MK3025 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications MK2005 Module
Interactive, Direct and Database Marketing MK3032 Module
Intergatrated Marketing Communications MK2556 Module
International Marketing MK3111 Module
International Marketing Communications: Concepts, Media and Campaign MK4010 Module
International Marketing Management MK4111 Module
Introduction to International Marketing Management MK3016 Module
Introduction to Marketing Management MK2014 Module
Introductory Digital Marketing Project MK1505 Module
MA Dissertation MK4997 Module
Market Research & Consumer Insight MK2504 Module
Market Screening, Selection & Entry MK4011 Module
Marketing MK4525 Module
Marketing MK1504 Module
Marketing MK4512 Module
Marketing Advertising and Business Dissertation MK3990 Module
Marketing Concepts MK1551 Module
Marketing Essentials MK1007 Module
Marketing Management MK2501 Module
Marketing Management MK4027 Module
Marketing Management MK2001 Module
Marketing Management Dissert MK4992 Module
Marketing Of Services MK3013 Module
Marketing or PR Dissertation MK4993 Module
Marketing Principles MK1501 Module
Marketing Research MK2206 Module
Marketing Strategy MK3501 Module
Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Applications MK3002 Module
Media Planning and Buying MK3120 Module
Personal & Prof Dev MK4000 Module
Perspectives on International Marketing MK4116 Module
Professional Practice II MK1202 Module
Project Essentials MK1552 Module
Regulation, Ethics and Trust MK2503 Module
Research Methods for Marketing Diss. MK4020 Module
Research Methods for the Digital World MK4526 Module
Skills for Advertisers and Marketers MK2115 Module
Social Media Marketing MK4513 Module
Strategic Marketing Mgmt MK4114 Module
The Enterprising Marketer MK2027 Module
The Enterprising Marketer MK1553 Module
The Responsible Marketer MK2012 Module
The Responsible Marketer MK2553 Module
Think & Write for PG Study MK4117 Module
Transition to Work MK2009 Module

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