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Name Code Type
Accreditation Workbased Learn MG3900 Module
Accreditation Workbased Learn MG2900 Module
Business Analysis and Operations Management MG2107 Module
Business Decision Modelling MG2303 Module
Business Forecasting MG3003 Module
Business Integration MG1015 Module
Business Process Mgmt SAP R/3 MG4105 Module
Business Process Modelling MG4216 Module
Business Simulation Modelling and Process Mapping MG3007 Module
Business Statistics MG3002 Module
Coaching in Contact Centres MG1014 Module
Dissertation MG4998 Module
eLogistics & Int Supply Chain MG4104 Module
Fundamentals of Business Mathematics MG1009 Module
Integer Programming in Recreations Mathematics MG3000 Module
Introduction to Business Decision Modelling MG1001 Module
Introduction to Decision Modelling MG4204 Module
Learning from Work 1 MG1004 Module
Learning from Work 2 MG2006 Module
Logistic & Supply Chain Management MG3013 Module
Managing ERP with SAP R/3 MG4107 Module
Managing Org People & Projects MG4102 Module
Managing Projects MG2010 Module
Market Modelling MG3004 Module
Oil and Gas Logistics and Supply Chain Management MG4016 Module
Oil and Gas Logistics and Supply Chain Management MG4106 Module
Operations Excellence MG4103 Module
Operations Strategy MG4101 Module
Operations Strategy MG4219 Module
Pers. & Prof. Development MG1003 Module
Principles of Project Mgmt MG4205 Module
Project and Operations Management MG2008 Module
Project Management MG4222 Module
Project Management in Practice MG4206 Module
Project Mgmt Methodolgies MG4207 Module
Purchasing and Supply MG4218 Module
Quantitative Business Modelling MG2003 Module
Quantitative Finanacial Modelling MG4009 Module
Research Methods MG3825 Module
Student Initiated Module MG1982 Module
Student Initiated Module MG2982 Module
Supply Chain Planning & Control MG4108 Module
Sustainable Project Management MG4208 Module
Training in Contact Centres MG1013 Module

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