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Applied Consulting (Westlakes & Preston) MD3062 Module
Business and Management Ethics MD4033 Module
Business Enterprise Project MD3000 Module
Business Environment MD4004 Module
Business Strategy MD3415 Module
Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship MD2012 Module
Contemporary Issues in Global Business Management MD3042 Module
Contemporary Issues in Management Theory and Practice MD3056 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Public Sector MD4070 Module
Continuing Professional Development MD3028 Module
Critical Perspectives on Management MD4047 Module
Critical Themes and Perspectives on Management, Organization and Strategy MD3206 Module
Decision Making for Business MD2002 Module
Digital Literacies and Professional Practice MD3060 Module
Enterprise Skills MD1022 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Business MD1023 Module
Entrepreneurship and the Small Business MD2048 Module
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice MD4044 Module
Fashion Branding Reflective Manager MD4046 Module
Global Business Strategy MD3002 Module
Global Business Strategy (B) MD3003 Module
International Strategic Managemen MD4099 Module
Intro to Strategic Mgmnt MD4008 Module
Leadership & Management MD4078 Module
Leadership and Management MD4043 Module
Leadership and Management MD4042 Module
Management Analysis Project MD3441 Module
Management Coaching Skills MD4061 Module
Management Consulting Project MD4063 Module
Management Learning and Research MD4002 Module
Management Theory and Practice MD4003 Module
Management Theory and Practice MD4055 Module
Management, Rhetoric, Policy and Practice MD4415 Module
Managing Your Business MD3055 Module
MBA Dissertation MD4992 Module
MSc Dissertation MD4996 Module
New Enterpr. Venture Development MD4060 Module
New Venture Creation MD1021 Module
Operations Management MD4093 Module
Operations Management Company Project MD4220 Module
Planning and Implementing Business Start-up MD2219 Module
Planning your Career MD2011 Module
Postgraduate Study and Learning MD4051 Module
Professional Development MD4057 Module
Professional Placement MD4054 Module
Qualitative Research Methods MD4036 Module
Review of Management Literature MD4417 Module
Social Enterprise in Practice MD3044 Module
Strategy and International Management MD4100 Module
Teamwork & Leadership in Actio MD4037 Module
Teamwork, Leadership & Personal Development MD4068 Module
The Management Environment MD4050 Module
The Public Sector Environment MD4069 Module
Transition to Work MD2009 Module
UK-China Business Creation MD3115 Module
Work Placement MD3004 Module

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