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Abdominal Ultrasound Imaging MB4400 Module
Assessment Design and Delivery MB4100 Module
Assessment in Healthcare Settings MB4104 Module
Augmented Reality MB4081 Module
Basic Trainer for General Practitioner Specialist Training MB4018 Module
Coaching and Supervision Master Class within General Practitioner Specialist Training MB4017 Module
Consultation Master Class within General Practitioner Specialist Training MB4020 Module
Developing General Practice Through CPD MB4041 Module
Diseases of Blood Vessels, Endocrine System, Breast and Transplant Surgery MB4200 Module
Diseases of Colon and Rectum MB4202 Module
Diseases of Liver, Gall Bladder, Biliary Tract and Pancreas MB4201 Module
Diseases of Oesophagus and Stomach MB4203 Module
Doctoral Study and Reflective Practice MB5000 Module
Educational theory to educational practice MB4102 Module
Embryology and Histology MB4133 Module
Epidemiology of Physical Activity MB4053 Module
Evidence Based Practice MB4060 Module
Facilitating Learning in Healthcare Practice MB4021 Module
Fundamental Principles of Ultrasound Imaging MB4401 Module
Governance in Digital Health Solutions MB4082 Module
Gross Anatomy MB4112 Module
Human Factors (Westlakes) MB4061 Module
Implantable Technologies MB4083 Module
Interventions for Physical Activity Promotion MB4052 Module
Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1 MB3101 Module
Introduction to Sports Psychology MB4055 Module
Management of Spinal Dysfunction in Primary Care MB4033 Module
Managing Concussion, Head and Neck Injuries in Sport MB4054 Module
Managing Safe Dispositions (Westlakes) MB4070 Module
Medical Device Development & the Clinical Context MB4034 Module
Methods in medical education research MB4103 Module
Molecular and Cell Biology 1 MB4111 Module
Musculoskeletal Management of the Lower Limb MB4032 Module
Musculoskeletal Management of the Upper Limb MB4031 Module
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging MB4404 Module
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging (Advanced) MB4402 Module
Obesity Management MB4051 Module
Operational Practice (Westlakes) MB4062 Module
Patient Monitoring MB4084 Module
Performance Medicine in Extreme Environments MB4056 Module
Peri-Operative Assessment, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Techniques, Principles of Hernia Surgery MB4204 Module
Peripheral Vascular Scanning MB4405 Module
Physical Activity in Health and Disease MB4050 Module
PoCUS (Level 1) MB4406 Module
PoCUS (Level 2) MB4407 Module
Population Health MB4085 Module
Professional Development through CPD (Planning) MB4064 Module
Professional Development through CPD (Planning) MB4063 Module
Professional Project MB4003 Module
Professionalism in Health Care MB4105 Module
Providing Urgent Medical Care (Westlakes) MB4065 Module
Research Methods for Clinical Practice, Education and Management MB4066 Module
Risk Management and Preparedness (Westlakes) MB4069 Module
Robotics MB4086 Module
Scanning for DVT MB4008 Module
Self-care with the aid of technologies (Apps and Wearables) MB4087 Module
Smart Pharma MB4088 Module
Tele-Health MB4089 Module
Thesis Module (DProf Clinical Studies) MB5001 Module
Urgent Care Medical Services (Westlakes) MB4072 Module
Using Technology in Urgent Care (Westlakes) MB4071 Module
Work Based Practice: General Practitioner Specialist Training MB4019 Module
Wound Management, Nutrition, Malnutrition, Feeding Techniques MB4205 Module

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