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Name Code Type
* MA3882 Module
Advanced Algebra MA4811 Module
Advanced Numerical Analysis MA3852 Module
Algebraic Structures MA2811 Module
Complex Analysis MA3821 Module
Computational Mathematics MA1851 Module
Cryptology MA2812 Module
Fields and Galois Theory MA3811 Module
Fluid Dynamics MA3842 Module
Functions Vectors and Calculus MA1831 Module
Further Real Analysis MA2821 Module
Further Statistics MA2861 Module
Introduction to Algebra and Linear Algebra MA1811 Module
Introduction to Real Analysis MA1821 Module
Introductory Statistics MA1861 Module
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics MA2841 Module
Logic MA3813 Module
Mathematical Biology MA3843 Module
Mathematical Modelling MA3991 Module
Mathematics Project MA3999 Module
Numerical Analysis MA2852 Module
Ordinary Differential Equations MA2831 Module
Partial Differential Equations and Integral Transforms MA3831 Module
Special Topics in Mathematics MA4999 Module
Stability, Instability and chaos MA4844 Module
Time Series and Operational Research MA3157 Module
Topology MA4822 Module
Vector Calculus MA2832 Module

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