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Name Code Type
Academic Skills in HE LWC018 Module
Company Law LW3015 Module
Contract Law LW1021 Module
Criminal Evidence LW3020 Module
Criminal Law LW1022 Module
Criminal Law LW2502 Module
Criminal Law Relating to Sex and Violence LW3018 Module
Criminology LW2013 Module
Current Issues in Human Rights LWC006 Module
Dissertation LW3090 Module
Employment Law LW2011 Module
English for Law LWC011 Module
European Union Law LW2503 Module
Family Law LW2007 Module
Foundations in Human Rights LW1016 Module
Foundations of Family Law LWC001 Module
Human Rights in the UK LW2012 Module
Intellectual Property Law LW3013 Module
Interviewing and Negotiation LW3092 Module
Introduction to Business and Commercial Awareness LWC012 Module
Judicial Process LW1015 Module
Jurisprudence LW3026 Module
Key Issues in Law and Criminology LWC017 Module
Land Law LW3505 Module
Law Clinic LW3036 Module
Law of Contract LW1013 Module
Law of Tort LW2504 Module
Law relating to children LW2019 Module
Lawyer's Skills LW1101 Module
Legal Method LW1023 Module
Legal Research & Reasoning LW2020 Module
Legal Skills LW1037 Module
Legal Skills LW1036 Module
Legal System LW1102 Module
Media Law LW2008 Module
Medicine & the Law LW3007 Module
MLaw Legal Research and Reasoning LW2021 Module
Mooting and Legal Debating LW2004 Module
Practice of Mediation LW1017 Module
Project LW3091 Module
Public Law LW2005 Module
Public Law LW1024 Module
Sentencing & theTreatment of Offenders LW2014 Module
Social Security Law LW3012 Module
Sports Law LW2017 Module
Terrorism & the Law LW3035 Module
Trust and Equity LW3507 Module
War Crimes LW2032 Module
Writing for Academic Success LWC014 Module

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