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Clinical linguistics and language pathology LG3117 Module
Contrastive Linguistics LG3223 Module
Corpus Linguistics LG2210 Module
Discourse & Conversat Analysis LG3230 Module
Discourse and Argumentation LG3114 Module
English in Education LG3236 Module
English Language & Linguistics Dissertation LG3992 Module
English Language Workshop 1 LG1200 Module
English Language Workshop II LG2200 Module
Forensic Linguistics LG3113 Module
Foundations of English Grammar LG2222 Module
Framing the News LG2112 Module
History of English LG3205 Module
History of English LG2206 Module
Inside English words:Phonology LG2213 Module
Interpreting News Discourse LG3231 Module
Introduction to English Syntax and Phonetics LG1220 Module
Introduction to Language and Linguistics LG1102 Module
Introduction to Language and Linguistics LGC001 Module
Lang Foundation for Eng for PP LG3701 Module
Language and Communication LG1104 Module
Language and Social Context LG2205 Module
Language in Society and the Media LG1103 Module
Language Socialization LG3209 Module
Language, Mind and Brain LG2117 Module
Narrative Analysis LG3203 Module
Power in Talk LG3112 Module
Semantics and Pragmatics LG2104 Module
Sociolinguistics LG2103 Module
Sounds of English LG2201 Module
Structure of English LG2202 Module
Theory of English: Grammar & Cognition LG3222 Module
Understanding Popular Culture LG3233 Module

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