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Advanced Legal Research LA4913 Module
Advanced Legal Systems LA4505 Module
Advocacy LA4170 Module
Banking and Financial Services Regulation LA4101 Module
Business Law & Practice LA4151 Module
Business Law for Internatioanl Students LA3000 Module
Business Leases LA4156 Module
Civil Litigation LA4052 Module
Collective labour law LA4940 Module
Commercial Dispute Resolution LA4163 Module
Constitutional Law by eLearn LA3093 Module
Contract Law LA3095 Module
Criminal Law LA3080 Module
Criminal Law (eLearn) LA3090 Module
Criminal Litigation LA4051 Module
Dispute Resolution in Medicine LA4993 Module
Dissertation (LL.M) LA4095 Module
Drafting LA4168 Module
Employment Law LA4159 Module
Employment Law In Practice LA4915 Module
Equality at Work LA4941 Module
Equality at Work LA4951 Module
Equity And Trusts LA3096 Module
EU Law LA3094 Module
EU Single Market Law LA4932 Course
Family Law & Practice LA4157 Module
Human Rights in Euro & Int Con LA4934 Module
Immigration Law and Practice LA4162 Module
Independant Legal Research Project LA3097 Module
International Arbitration LA4605 Module
International Commercial Litigation LA4929 Module
International Company and Commercial Law LA4938 Module
International Criminal Law and Security LA4501 Module
International Intellectual Property LA4925 Module
International Trade Law 1 LA4921 Module
International Trade Law II LA4926 Module
Land Law (eLearn) LA3092 Module
Law for Forensic Scientists LA2800 Module
Law For Journalists JN2200 Module
Lawyers Skills LA2091 Module
Legal Writing LA4169 Module
Litigation LA4153 Module
Maritime Law and Security LA4502 Module
Mental Health Law & Ethics LA4995 Module
Mental Health Law & Psyc & Cri LA4807 Module
Nuclear Law LA4997 Module
Oil and Gas Private Law LA4510 Module
Oil and Gas Public Law LA4509 Module
PI & Clinical Neg/Litigation LA4161 Module
Practical Legal Research LA4166 Module
Professional Conduct & Reg LA4167 Module
Project LA4947 Module
Property Law & Practice LA4150 Module
Security in Employment LA4942 Module
Security in Employment LA4952 Module
Solicitors Accounts LA4164 Module
Student Ini. Research Module LA4946 Module
The Elderly Client LA4160 Module
Tort Law LA3091 Module
Transnational Regulation of Human Trafficking LA4504 Module
Transnational Regulations of Terrorism LA4503 Module
Understanding Civil & Criminal Law LA4805 Module
Wills, Probate & Admin (estate LA4165 Module

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