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Name Code Type
Ab Iniitio Korean Lang & Sco 2 KO2003 Module
Ab Initio Korean I KO1001 Module
Ab Initio Korean Language 2 KO2001 Module
Ab Initio Korean Language 3 KO3001 Module
Advanced Korean Language KO3002 Module
Background to Korea KO1000 Module
Contemporary Korean Society and Culture KO2005 Module
Development in Fragile States and Accountable Institutions KO4013 Module
Divided Korea KO3008 Module
Divided Nations: Disputes, Violence and Conflict KO4014 Module
Explaining Inter-Korean Relations KO4010 Module
Korean for Academic Purpose KO3003 Module
Korean for academic purpose KO4202 Module
Korean Studies Dissertation KO4900 Module
North Korea: Economics and Society KO4012 Module
North Korea: History, Politics and International Relations KO4011 Module
Structure, Variation and Change in the Korean Language KO2002 Module

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