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Name Code Type
Aspects of Japanese Society JS2051 Module
Background to Japan JS1059 Module
Business Culture and Communication in Japan JS2049 Module
Contrastive Exploration of the Japanese Language and Culture JS3080 Module
Exploring Japan through Media JS3059 Module
Interpreting Japan through Literature and Cultural Readings JS3079 Module
Investigating Japan Project JS2059 Module
Japanese Language 2A JS2060 Module
Japanese Language 2B JS2061 Module
Japanese Language 3 JS3051 Module
Japanese Studies Language 2B JS2002 Module
Japanese Studies Level 1 JS1106 Module
Japenese Language and Society 2 JS2001 Module
Post A-level Japanese Lang 1 JS1070 Module
Post A-Level Japanese Studies Language 2A JS2080 Module
Post A-Level Japanese Studies Language Level 2 JS2081 Module
Single Final Year Japanese Language Module JS3050 Module

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