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Name Code Type
Becoming an Effective Learner JNC010 Module
Broadcast Newsroom JN4502 Module
Business of Books JN4402 Module
Business Of Journalism JN2503 Module
Children`s Writing and Publishing JN4604 Module
Constructive Journalism JN3512 Module
Controversies in Journalism JN2510 Module
Creating a Digital Book JN2821 Module
Creating a Print Book JN1821 Module
Cross Industry Perspectives JN4524 Module
Data Journalism JN4516 Module
Data Journalism JN3521 Module
Designing and Producing a Book JN2820 Module
Digital Journalism JN1506 Module
Digital Publishing JN4401 Module
Dissertation JN4525 Module
Dissertation JN3502 Module
Dissertation in Publishing JN3829 Module
Drone Journalism JN4515 Module
Economics of the Media JN1503 Module
Editorial and Production Process JN4403 Module
Essentials of Publishing JN1820 Module
Ethics JN2518 Module
Extended Journalism Project JN4073 Module
Football and Popular Culture JN3515 Module
Future Media JN3511 Module
Introduction to Photo Journalism JN2512 Module
Issues and Innovations in Publishing JN4407 Module
Issues and Innovations in Publishing JN1823 Module
Issues in International Journalism JN2508 Module
Journalism Innovation JN4531 Module
Journalism Innovation JN4509 Module
Journalism Innovation JN4522 Module
Journalism Leadership JN4530 Module
Journalism Leadership JN4521 Module
Journalism today JN4511 Module
Journalism Today JN4527 Module
Major Publishing Project JN3820 Module
Major Publishing Project JN4404 Module
Media Law and Regulation JN1504 Module
Media Law and Regulation JN4507 Module
Multimedia Content JN4501 Module
Music Journalism JN2515 Module
Newsroom 2 JN3501 Module
Pathways in Journalism JNC012 Module
Photojournalism JN4504 Module
Portfolio Production JNC011 Module
Professional Practice - Publishing JN4405 Module
Professional Practice in Publishing JN3821 Module
Project JN4526 Module
Public Affairs JN4600 Module
Reporting politics JN4508 Module
Reporting Politics and Society JN3509 Module
Reporting Politics and Society JN2509 Module
Specialist Journalism JN2519 Module
Specialist Journalism JN3513 Module
Specialist Sports Journalism JN2520 Module
Specialist Sports Writing JN3514 Module
Sports Desk 2 JN3504 Module
Sports Journalism Project JN3993 Module
Standard Journalism Project JN4074 Module
The Business of Publishing JN2822 Module
The Making of the Media JN1502 Module
The Newsroom 1 JN2502 Module
The Professional Journalist 1 JN1501 Module
The Professional Journalist 2 JN2506 Module
The Professional Journalist 2 JN2501 Module
The Professional Sports Journalist JN1505 Module
The Professional Sports Journalist 2 JN2504 Module
The Role of the Editor in Practice JN1824 Module
The Sports Desk 1 JN2505 Module
Theory Today JN4523 Module
Work Experience (in Journalism) JN3516 Module
Work Placement JN3508 Module
World Desk 1 JN2507 Module
World Desk 2 JN3506 Module

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