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'The Presidency of John F. Kennedy 1961-1963 HY3063 Module
20th Century Britain HY2007 Module
A Place Apart? The Northern Ireland Troubles HY3062 Module
African Nationalism and Independence, 1921-1982 HY3059 Module
America and the World 1898-2001 HY2099 Module
Colonial Impacts: Africa 1652-1910 HY2096 Module
Community History Project HY2028 Module
Europe in an Age of Atrocity 1914 - 2000 HY2006 Module
Extended Dissertation HY3991 Module
Germany Under the Nazis HY3005 Module
Germany Under The Nazis HY3007 Module
History Dissertation HY4991 Module
History Dissertation HY3990 Module
History of Education HY3029 Module
History, Heritage and Society HY1123 Module
HY3065 From Cold War to New Asia Pacific Order 1969-92 HY3065 Module
International History and Politics of Asia HY2095 Module
Introduction to History HYC101 Module
Ireland, from Rebellion to Partition c. 1798-1921 HY2062 Module
Issues in Modern History HY4001 Module
Museums And Heritage Work Placement HY3972 Module
Nations and Empires in Asia China India Japan and Siam 1857-1949 HY1108 Module
North American Colonies to Nations HY1111 Module
Public History in Practice HY2102 Module
Riots and Revolution: popular politics and the English working class, c. 1770-1848 HY3061 Module
Sources & Methods in History HY2001 Module
Sources and Methods in Historical Research HY4011 Module
State and Society : Europe c1815-1914 HY1117 Module
State and Society in Britain HY2101 Module
Thatcher's Britain 1979-1990 HY3064 Module
The Making of Britain, 1688-1832 HY1110 Module
The ‘Special Relationship’: Britain and the United States in the Twentieth Century HY2103 Module
Understanding History HY1101 Module

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