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(L4) Commercial Awareness HR1004 Module
(L4) Management in Context HR1010 Module
(L4) Understanding the Retail Consumer HR1001 Module
Business and Management Project Essentials HR1007 Module
Business Issues in an HR Context HR3003 Module
Career Planning for International Students HR2054 Module
Coaching and Mentoring HR3406 Module
Contemporary Employee Relations HR2007 Module
Contemporary Issues in Fashion HR3113 Module
Developing Professional Practice HR3002 Module
Developing Skills for Business Leaders HR4009 Module
Employee Relations HR3005 Module
Employment and Employability HR2404 Module
Employment Law HR4014 Module
Evaluating Human Resource Management HR3024 Module
Exploring Retail Strategy HR3405 Module
Foundations in Human Resource Management and Development Practice HR1006 Module
HRM & Leadership Dissertation HR3993 Module
HRM in Contemporary Organisations HR3007 Module
HRM in Context HR4007 Module
Human Resource Development HR3026 Module
Human Resource Management HR4080 Module
Human Resource Management HR4006 Module
Human Resource Management HR4005 Module
Human Resource Management in Global Context HR3047 Module
Human Resource Management In Multi-National Organisations HR3030 Module
Improving Organisational Performance HR2006 Module
Introduction to Business Functions HR1005 Module
Introduction to Buying Principles HR2402 Module
Introduction to Enterprise Skills HRC005 Module
Introduction to Fashion Trend. HR2406 Module
Introduction to Personal and Professional Development HR1009 Module
Introduction to Resource and Performance Management HR3006 Module
Investigating a Business Issue HR4010 Module
Leadership and Change Management HR3013 Module
Leadership and Management Development HR4019 Module
Learning and Talent Development HR4018 Module
Management and Contemporary Organisations HCR007 Module
Management and Organisations HR1014 Module
Management and Organizational Behaviour HR1008 Module
Management Skills HR2405 Module
Managing and Coordinating the HR Function HR3001 Module
Managing Business Information HRC002 Module
Managing Consultancy Skills HR3034 Module
Managing Employee Relations HR4013 Module
Managing People Across Cultures HR3408 Module
Managing People and Organisations HRC007 Module
Managing People and Performance HR2011 Module
Managing Personnel and Human Resources HR2050 Module
Managing, Leading and Developing People HR4008 Module
Marketing and Retail HRC008 Module
Organisational Design and Development HR4011 Module
PM & D Dissertation HR4998 Module
Quantitative Research Methods HR4216 Module
Research Issue in HRM HR4072 Module
Research Issues in HRM HR4052 Module
Research Methods HR4306 Module
Research methods HR2010 Module
Research Methods HR4065 Module
Research methods HR4307 Module
Resource, Talent & Planning HR2005 Module
Retail Consumers And Markets HR1406 Module
Retail Marketing HR1002 Module
Retail Operations HR2016 Module
Retail Operations And Research HR2403 Module
Retail Strategic Analysis and Tools HR2004 Module
Retail Strategic issues and Analysis HR3407 Module
Skills for Higher Education HRC004 Module
Strategic Approaches to Buying HR3401 Module
Talent and People Resourcing HR4012 Module
Transition to work HR2009 Module
Understanding and Implementing Coaching and Mentoring HR4021 Module
Using Information in HR HR3004 Module
Work and Organisational change HR2015 Module

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