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Advanced Consultation, Examination, and Clinical Decision Making HI4503 Module
Anatomy and physiology applied to Operating Department Practice HI1002 Module
Applied Strength and Conditioning for Sport Therapists HI3000 Module
Assessment and Monitoring of Critical Care Patients HI4808 Module
Biomedical Sciences HI1005 Module
Compassionate Leasdership HI4019 Module
Contemporary Approaches in Managing Major Trauma HI2005 Module
Contemporary Rehabilitation in Football HI4101 Module
Culture and context of Occupational Therapy Practice HI1300 Module
Current Contexts of Critical Care Practice HI4809 Module
Developing Skills in Operating Department Practice HI2000 Module
Dissertation HI4990 Module
Embedding professional practice HI3004 Module
Enhancing Operating Department Practice HI3002 Module
Evaluation in Practice HI4305 Module
Foundations in Operating Department Practice HI1001 Module
Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice HI1303 Module
Fundamental Skills for safe and effective practice HI1004 Module
Fundamentals of Movement and Exercise HI1000 Module
Informatics for Health and Social Care HI4004 Module
Information & Communication Technology for Care HI4006 Module
Integrated Physiotherapy Prac5 HI4205 Module
Integrated Physiotherapy Practice 1 HI4201 Module
Integrated Physiotherapy Practice 3 HI4203 Module
Introduction to professional practice HI1003 Module
IT for Health Research HI4001 Module
Knowledge-Based Management and Leadership in Health and Social Care HI4010 Module
Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Occupational Therapy HI4304 Module
Leadership in healthcare HI3003 Module
Managing the Care Delivery of Critical Care Patients HI4810 Module
Manual Therapy for Sports Injuries HI2007 Module
Occupational Barriers to Health and Wellbeing HI4303 Module
Occupational Performance and the Life Sciences HI4301 Module
Pathophysiology applied to Operating Department Practice HI2001 Module
Postgraduate and Professional Study Skills HI4000 Module
Principles of SACT Delivery HI3013 Course
Principles of Safe & Compassionate SACT HI4026 Course
Professional Development through CPD (Leadership) HI4803 Module
Professional Development through CPD (Practice Issues) HI4805 Module
Professional Practice HI4105 Module
Providing immediate and emergency care for women and children HI2004 Module
Qualitiative Methodology for Health Research HI4003 Module
Quality Assurance for Health Care HI4007 Module
Quantitative Methodology for Health Research HI4002 Module
Research for Operating Department Practice HI2002 Module
Screen Tech for Sports Injury Prevent HI2006 Module
Strength and Conditioning for Football HI4104 Module
Student initiated research HI4XXX Module
The Individual and Occupational Performance HI1302 Module
Theory and Practice in Occupational Therapy 1 HI4300 Module
Theory and Practice in Occupational Therapy 2 HI4302 Module
Therapeutic skills and professional reasoning for occupational therapists HI2300 Module

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