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Name Code Type
(L7) MSc Chemistry Research Project FZ4006 Module
A Further Investigation into Policing in England and Wales FZ2048 Module
Advanced Concepts in Chemistry FZ3801 Module
Advanced Crime Scene Investigation FZ2037 Module
Advanced Inorganic and Materials Chemistry FZ4609 Module
Advanced Photography FZ2053 Module
Advances in Forensic Chemistry FZ3023 Module
Airport Security Technical Skills Procedures 1 FZ1405 Module
Analytical Forensic Toxicology FZ4608 Module
Anthropology for Forensic Scientists FZ1054 Module
Application of Forensic Science FZ3035 Module
Applications in Synthesis FZ4606 Module
Applied Microbiology FZ2605 Module
Applied Molecular Biology FZ2602 Module
Applied Skills for Chemists FZ1120 Module
Approaches to Archaeology FZ4206 Module
Archaeological Dissertation FZ3202 Module
Archaeological Fieldwork I FZ2201 Module
Archaeological Fieldwork II FZ3201 Module
Archaeological Fieldwork three FZ4207 Module
Archaeological Materials FZ2219 Module
Archaeological Project FZC002 Module
Archaeological Research and Study FZ2202 Module
Archaeological research methods FZ4210 Module
Archaeology of the Mod World FZ3205 Module
Archaeology of the Modern World FZ2209 Module
Aspects of Criminalistics FZ2130 Module
Aspects of Forensic Practice FZ2136 Module
Aviation and Security Legislation II FZ2403 Module
Aviation Industry Procedures 1 FZ1404 Module
Aviation Sec Tech Skills II FZ2405 Module
Biochemistry FZC008 Module
Bioinformatics and Biotechnology FZ3601 Module
Biology FZC006 Module
Biology for Forensic Scientists FZ1014 Module
Biology of Health and Disease FZ2604 Module
Biology Research Project FZ3699 Module
Bones, Bodies and Burial FZ1205 Module
Bridging Module for Police and Criminal Investigation FZ2199 Module
BSc(Hons) Chemistry project FZ3810 Module
Chemical Concepts: Developing Molecular Materials FZ2803 Module
Chemical Concepts: Physical Techniques FZ2802 Module
Chemistry FZC007 Module
Chemistry FZC016 Module
Chemistry for a Sustainable Future FZ3806 Module
Chemistry for Forensic Scientists FZ1024 Module
Chemistry Through Research & Innovation FZ3802 Module
Complex Case Management FZ4703 Module
Concepts in Chemistry FZ2027 Module
Contemporary Policing Issues FZ2147 Module
Contemporary Policing Issues FZ2047 Module
Continuous Improvement and Learning Organisations FZ4727 Module
Core Skills in Chemistry FZ1801 Module
Counter Terrorism FZ3050 Module
Countering Terrorism in 21st Century FZ4709 Module
Crime Scene Investigation and the Anthropologist FZ4308 Module
Crime Scene Management FZ3038 Module
Crime Scene Science FZ1034 Module
Crime Scene Science FZ4007 Module
Criminal Investigation Dissert FZ3941 Module
Criminal Justice - An International Perspective FZ4730 Module
Criminal Law and Procedure FZ1104 Module
Criminalistics FZ2030 Module
Cultural Anthropology in Theory and Practice FZ2211 Module
Death Science FZ2052 Module
Decision Making in the context of Threat, Risk and Harm FZ4728 Module
Developmental Anatomy FZ4305 Module
Doctoral Study and Reflective Practice FZ5001 Module
Document Investigation (Forensic Science) FZ4103 Module
Dynamic Earth FZ1612 Module
e-Crime FZ3142 Module
e-Crime FZ3042 Module
Elemental and Surface Analysis FZ4604 Module
Elements of Inorganic & Organic Chemistry FZ2026 Module
Employability and Study Skills FZ1102 Module
Environment and Sustainability FZ1613 Module
Environmental Biology Bibliography FZ1602 Module
Environmental Forensics Bibliography FZ2717 Module
Environmental Pollution and Control FZ2715 Module
Ethics of Criminal Investigation and Policing FZ4704 Module
Ethics, Diversity and Social Issues FZ1103 Module
Evolutionary Genetics FZ2601 Module
Experimental Techniques in Chemistry FZ1025 Module
Extended Study in Geography and Environment FZC014 Module
Field Archaeology 1 FZ1207 Module
Field Archaeology 2 FZ2217 Module
Field Archaeology 3 FZ3217 Module
Forensic Analysis FZ4501 Module
Forensic Anthropology FZ2051 Module
Forensic Anthropology: Methods and Context FZ4306 Module
Forensic Biology FZ4209 Module
Forensic Biology II FZ2082 Module
Forensic Chemistry FZ2023 Module
Forensic Genetics FZ3011 Module
Forensic Genetics I FZ4201 Module
Forensic Genetics II FZ4202 Module
Forensic Medicine FZ3015 Module
Forensic Photography FZ1036 Module
Forensic Practice FZ2036 Module
Forensic Science Dissertation FZ3501 Module
Forensic Science Dissertation FZ3500 Module
Forensic Taphonomic Traces FZ3057 Module
Forensic Taphonomy FZ4307 Module
Forensic Taphonomy FZ3051 Module
Forensic Toxicology FZ3024 Module
Forensic Toxicology FZ4607 Module
Fraud FZ3046 Module
Fraud FZ3146 Module
Fraud Investigation FZ4702 Module
Frontiers in Chemistry FZ2805 Module
General Policing Duties FZ2103 Module
Geographers in Schools FZ2054 Module
Global Perspectives on Financial Investigation FZ4722 Module
Green Chemistry in Action FZ2028 Module
Handwriting Analysis and Signature Comparisons FZ4101 Module
History of Archaelogical Thought FZ1203 Module
Homicide Investigation FZ4706 Module
Human Remains Recovery FZ3053 Module
Hunter- gatherers: Past & Present FZ2207 Module
Hunter-Gatherers: Past and Present FZ3203 Module
Initial Core Policing FZ1752 Module
Initial Learning and Practice in Policing FZ3061 Module
Initial Policing Knowledge and Skills FZ1750 Module
Initial Policing Practice 1 FZ1653 Module
Initial Policing Practice 1(A) FZ1666 Module
Initial Professional Responsibility FZ1751 Module
International Criminal Investigation FZ3043 Module
International Humanitarian Rights and International Criminal Law FZ3049 Module
International Terrorism FZ4711 Module
Intro to Criminal Inv FZ1050 Module
Intro to the Synthesis and Analysis of Organic Compounds FZ1029 Module
Introduction to Archaeology FZ1202 Module
Introduction to Biological Research FZ1604 Module
Introduction to Biological Research FZ1603 Module
Introduction to Biology FZ1016 Module
Introduction to Cell Biology FZ1601 Module
Introduction to Chemical Concepts FZ1026 Module
Introduction to Chemical Concepts FZ1802 Module
Introduction to Chemistry FZ1063 Module
Introduction to Criminal Law FZ1049 Module
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology FZ1206 Module
Introduction to Environmental Management and Assessment FZ1610 Module
Introduction to Forensic Genetics FZ2011 Module
Introduction to Forensic Science FZ1071 Module
Introduction to Green Chemistry FZ1028 Module
Introduction to Law and Police Powers FZ1041 Module
Introduction to Policing FZ1048 Module
Introduction to Professional Practice FZ3206 Module
Introductions to field skills in environmental Biology FZ1605 Module
Investigating Exploitation FZ3059 Module
Investigating Serious Crime FZ4732 Module
Investigating Terrorism FZ4712 Module
Investigation and Evidence FZ1105 Module
Investigation of Child Abuse FZ4717 Module
Investigation Project FZC001 Module
Investigation Skills I FZ1047 Module
Investigation Skills II FZ2045 Module
Investigation Skills II FZ2145 Module
Investigative Skills and Criminal Justice FZ2104 Module
Key Issues in Theoretical Archaeology FZ4403 Module
Key Themes in Archaeology FZC004 Module
Laboratory Management and Quality Assurance FZ4004 Module
Laboratory Studies of Chemical Concepts FZ2024 Module
Laboratory Studies of Chemical Concepts FZ2801 Module
Later Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain FZ2203 Module
Later Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain FZ3207 Module
Life and Death in Medieval Britain FZ2208 Module
Life and Death in Medieval Britain FZ3204 Module
Major Crime Inquiries FZ3041 Module
Major Crime Inquiries FZ3141 Module
Major Operations FZ3056 Module
Mathematics FZC009 Module
Mathematics & Physics FZC017 Module
Measuring the Environment FZ1611 Module
Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry FZ3804 Module
Military Law and Discipline FZ3044 Module
Molecular and Separation Science FZ2804 Module
Molecular Biotechnology & Bioinformatics FZ3017 Module
Money Laundering FZ4723 Module
MSc Criminal Investigation Dissertation FZ4707 Module
MSC Financial Investigation FZ4724 Module
Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain and Ireland FZ2204 Module
Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain and Ireland FZ3208 Module
New Frontiers in Chemistry FZ1804 Module
Offences Against the Person FZ1042 Module
Offences Relating to Property and Weapons FZ2049 Module
Operational Policing FZ2106 Module
Organic Synthetic Methods FZ3808 Module
Organic Synthetic Methods FZ4605 Module
Organisational Development and Partnerships FZ4725 Module
PACE and Powers FZ1303 Module
PACE, Detention and Disposal FZ1106 Module
Partnership Working FZ2059 Module
Physical and Human Geography FZ1901 Module
Physical Chemistry: Theory & Applications in Analytical Science FZ2025 Module
Physics FZC010 Module
Police & Criminal Investegation Dissertation FZ3940 Module
Police Accountability and Ethics FZ3047 Module
Police Organisations and Methods FZ1045 Module
Police, Ethics and Accountability (elearn) FZ3147 Module
Policing Cybercrime FZ4721 Module
Policing of Serious and Organised Crime FZ4705 Module
Policing Terrorism FZ4708 Module
Population Genetics and Statistics FZ4203 Module
Post Roman and Early Medieval Britain FZ3210 Module
Post-Roman Britain FZ2210 Module
Pro-Active Investigation Skills FZ2146 Module
Pro-Active Investigation Techniques FZ2046 Module
Problem Solving Analysis FZ4731 Module
Professional Policing FZC012 Module
Professional Policing FZ1101 Module
Professional Research Skills FZ4810 Module
Professional Research Skills FZ3807 Module
Professional Skills & Employability FZ2107 Module
Public Engagement FZ1107 Module
Public Order FZ2075 Module
Quality of Service in Policing FZ2148 Module
Religion and Radicalisation FZ4710 Module
Research in Practice FZ4729 Module
Research Methods FZ4001 Module
Research Methods FZ2061 Module
Research Methods for Crime and Criminal Justice FZ4701 Module
Research Project (L7) FZ4003 Module
Road Policing FZ2105 Module
Roman and Post-Roman Britain FZ2205 Module
Roman Britain FZ3209 Module
Security Management 1 FZ1402 Module
Security Management II FZ2402 Module
Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry FZ4601 Module
Sexual Offences FZ2060 Module
Signal Crimes FZ2102 Module
Skills for Chemists FZ1027 Module
Skills for Forensic Scientists FZ1033 Module
Skills for Science FZC005 Module
Social Anthropology FZ3212 Module
Student Initiated Module FZ1001 Module
Study Skills & IT for Archaeologists FZ1204 Module
Support for Crime Scene Managers FZ3036 Module
Synthesis and Analysis of Molecular Materials FZ1803 Module
The Archaeology of Britain FZ1201 Module
The Expert Witness in the Legal Process FZ4002 Module
Thesis in Criminal Justice FZ5002 Module
Thinking about the Past: Archaeological Theory FZ2206 Module
Tools for Green Chemistry FZ2029 Module
Typescript and Printing Methods FZ4102 Module
Work Based Learning Module FZ3603 Module

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