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Name Code Type
Accidents and Catastrophes FV4101 Module
Accidents and Catastrophes FV2101 Module
Advanced Engineering Design Project FV4201 Module
Buildings, Materials and Fire FV1207 Module
Community Fire Safety 2 FV2501 Module
Community Safety FV1501 Module
Computational Fluid Dynamics FV4003 Module
Emergency Response and Recovery FV4004 Module
Enclosure Fire Dynamics FV3001 Module
Energy Transfer and Thermodynamics FV1201 Module
Engineering Analysis 1 FV1301 Module
Engineering Analysis 1 FV1302 Module
Engineering Analysis 2 FV2301 Module
Engineering Design Practice FV1202 Module
Engineering Design Project FV3201 Module
Fire and the Built Environment FV2003 Module
Fire Engineering Dissertation FV4900 Module
Fire Engineering Solutions FV4002 Module
Fire Investigation FV3004 Module
Fire Investigation FV2601 Module
Fire Protection Engineering FV3002 Module
Fire Risk Assessment in Complex Non-Residential Buildings FV2901 Module
Fire Risk Assessment in Complex Residential Buildings FV2801 Module
Fire Safety Management and Legislation FV2004 Module
Fire Scene Data Analysis and Interpretation FV2602 Module
Fire Science Dissertation FV3900 Module
Fire Science Project FV2900 Module
Fire Studies Dissertation FV3500 Module
Fires & Combustion FV4005 Module
Fires in Buildings FV4001 Module
Fluid Dynamics of Fires FV2001 Module
Geology and Formation Evaluation FV4701 Module
Hazards and Risk Management FV3103 Module
Human Response to Fire FV4401 Module
Industrial Experience FV2800 Module
Introduction to Combustion and Fire FV1001 Module
Introduction to Engineering Analysis FVC011 Module
Introduction to Oil and Gas FV1701 Module
Operational Firefighting FV1503 Module
Practical Fire Investigation FV4104 Module
Probabilistic Risk Assessment FV3102 Module
Project Management FV2103 Module
Research Methods FV4601 Module
Reservoir Engineering and Well Test Analysis FV4702 Module
Risk Assessment and Management FV4103 Module
Safety and Fire Law FV1101 Module
Safety, Fire and Environmental Management FV4102 Module
Safety, Health and Environmental Management’ FV2102 Module
Skills for Fire Studies FV1502 Module
Strategic Risk Decision Making FV3101 Module
Structures, Materials & Fire FV2207 Module

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