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Name Code Type
Art History Single Dissertation FA3990 Module
Degree Project Res & Dev FA3001 Module
Developing Strategies for Interventions FA4022 Module
Drawing FA1004 Module
Employability Skills for the Creative Practitioner FA3003 Module
Fine Art Degree Show Project FA3002 Module
Fine Art Printmaking FA1008 Module
Ideas and images in Modern Art FA1012 Module
Image & Context: Research methods and project development FA2001 Module
Initiating a Studio Project FA4002 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Video Art FA1007 Module
Investigating Contemporary Art FA2003 Module
MA Contextual Report FA4008 Module
MA Fine Art Degree Project FA4005 Module
Professional Practice FA4003 Module
Project Development 2. Independent Research FA2002 Module
Research Methods in Fine Art FA4001 Module
Site & Archive Intervention Project Development FA4044 Module
Studio Practice 2 - Proj Dev FA1002 Module
Studio Practice I - Methods & Materials FA1001 Module
Studio Practice Project Development FA4004 Module
The Creative Practitioner FA2007 Module

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