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Name Code Type
Advanced Manufacturing ER3410 Module
Advanced Mechatronics Systems ER4200 Module
Advanced Topics in Artificial intelligence. ER4165 Module
Advanced Topics in Industry 4.0 ER4104 Module
Aerospace Vehicles ER1631 Module
Applied Instrumentation. ER4706 Module
Basic Mathematics ERC002 Module
Building Services Engineering Fundamentals ER1431 Module
Civil Engineering Design and Technology ER1430 Module
Civil Engineering Hydraulics and Materials ER1432 Module
Computational Mechanics ER4120 Module
Digital Electronics and Programmable Systems ER1731 Module
Electromechanical Systems ER3201 Module
Electronics and Electronic Engineering Practice ER1730 Module
Engineering Analysis ER1010 Module
Engineering Applications ER1630 Module
Engineering Design ER1020 Module
Engineering Science ER1030 Module
Engineering Structures and Geotechnics ER1433 Module
Information and Communication Skills ERC003 Module
Intelligent Machines ER4105 Module
Intelligent Maintenance ER4109 Module
Mechatronics ER3200 Module
Nuclear Science 1 ER1600 Module
Practical Skills ERC004 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers ER3202 Module
Project ER4995 Module
Race Car Anatomy ER1632 Module
Robotic Systems ER2105 Module
Study Skills ERC001 Module

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