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Name Code Type
American Culture EN1220 Module
American Literature EN1219 Module
American Literature to American texts EN3007 Module
Black Atlantic Writing EN3008 Module
British Children's Literature EN3013 Module
Comparative Literature EN2904 Module
CSI Literature EN2906 Module
English Literature Dissertation EN3992 Module
History of English Literature EN1214 Module
Introduction to Literature ENC012 Module
Introduction to Creative Writing ENC013 Module
Introduction to Renaissance Literature EN1217 Module
Literature and Culture EN1218 Module
Literature and Film EN3028 Module
Literature in Translation EN2006 Module
Modern and Contemporary Literature EN3005 Module
Reading Texts: Literary Theory EN1215 Module
Researching Literature and Cultures EN2127 Module
Restoration to Revolution: Literary Culture 1660-1789 EN2128 Module
Romantics and Decadents EN2129 Module
Student Independent Study EN2983 Module
Student Independent Study EN3983 Module
The American Radical EN2903 Module
The Fairy Tale EN2012 Module
The Graphic Novel EN2406 Module
Victorian Literature 1 EN2003 Module

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