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Name Code Type
Advanced DIP EL4063 Module
Advanced DSP EL4062 Module
Advanced Robotics and Intelligent System Design EL4007 Module
Advanced Video Production EL3070 Module
Aerospace Vehicles EL1010 Module
Analogue And Digital Systems EL1021 Module
Analytical Methods EL1400 Module
Analytical Methods for Enginee EL1501 Module
Analytical Methods for Tech EL1403 Module
Animatronics Systems EL2400 Module
Asset Resourcing and Presentat EL1031 Module
Audio And Video Production EL3055 Module
AV Systems EL1056 Module
Basic Technology for the AVM EL1050 Module
Business Management Techniques EL2501 Module
Case Studies EL2005 Module
Collaborative Research & Pres. EL2073 Module
Combinational/Sequential Logic EL1506 Module
Communications for Media Tec EL2057 Module
Communications Systems EL2209 Module
Communications Technology EL2067 Module
Computer Graphics EL2062 Module
Computer Systems For Media Tec EL2056 Module
Computer Vision EL3105 Module
Computer-Aided Instrumentation EL3425 Module
Computing ELC302 Module
Control Systems EL3102 Module
Control Systems EL2408 Module
Creative Use Of Video EL1030 Module
Data Communications EL2006 Module
Dev of Adv Visualisation Syst EL3600 Module
Digital Electronics EL1242 Module
Digital Image Processing EL3122 Module
Digital Signal and Image Processing A EL3147 Module
Digital Signal Image Processing B EL4147 Module
Digital Systems EL3242 Module
Digital Systems EL2242 Module
Digital Systems EL2002 Module
Dynamic Applications EL3088 Module
ECAD EL2245 Module
Elect Computer Aided Design EL2406 Module
Electrical & Electronic Princi EL1401 Module
Electrical and Electronic Prin EL1503 Module
Electrical Power Equipment EL2407 Module
Electricity & Electronics EL2201 Module
Electromagnetic systems EL2711 Module
Electronic Engineering Practice EL1205 Module
Electronic Instrumentation EL2255 Module
Electronic System Applications EL2205 Module
Electronic Systems EL2241 Module
Electronic Systems EL3241 Module
Electronics EL2503 Module
Electronics I EL1201 Module
Electronics II EL1202 Module
Embedded Micro Systems Dev EL3305 Module
Embedded Real-Time Systems EL3243 Module
Embedded System Design EL2243 Module
Engineering Design EL1507 Module
Engineering Design EL1504 Module
Engineering Mathematics EL1211 Module
Engineering Science EL1502 Module
Engineering Science (Electrical) ELC533 Module
English & Communication Skills EL1222 Module
English & Personal Dev Skills EL2222 Module
English Lang& Learning Culture EL1223 Module
English Lang& Prof. Dev Skills EL2223 Module
Environmental Electronics EL1012 Module
Fundamentals of Electronics EL1305 Module
IC Design EL3245 Module
Imaging Technology EL3423 Module
Industrial Instrumentation EL1231 Module
Industrial Placement EL4103 Module
Instrumentation and Control EL2104 Module
Integrated Digital Syst Design EL4250 Module
Introduction to Multimedia Sys EL1058 Module
Introduction to Robotics EL1007 Module
Investigations And Innovations EL2060 Module
Java Programming EL2405 Module
Machine Intelligence EL3300 Module
Microcontrollers EL3250 Module
Microprocessor Systems EL2409 Module
MSc Project (Engineering) EL4895 Module
Msc Project And Dissertation EL4891 Module
Multimedia & Web Tools/Aware EL1057 Module
Multimedia Authoring EL2059 Module
Multimedia Computer Systems EL2066 Module
Multimedia Production EL3053 Module
Multimedia Systems and Comms. EL2058 Module
Networking EL2404 Module
Pattern Recognition EL4165 Module
PGDip Project EL4899 Module
Power Electronic Systems EL3813 Module
Power Electronics EL2801 Module
Power Systems Operation and Control EL3800 Module
Professional Placement EL4101 Module
Program Design&Implemention EL1113 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers EL2403 Module
Programmable Logic Controllers EL1505 Module
Programming with Actionscript EL2033 Module
Programming with Javascript EL1004 Module
Project EL2402 Module
Project EL2221 Module
Project EL2220 Module
Project EL3995 Module
Project EL3990 Module
Project EL2502 Module
Research Methods EL4166 Module
Robot Vision EL3106 Module
Robotic Systems EL2007 Module
Robotics EL2411 Module
Robotics and Autonomous Systems EL3007 Module
Signal Analysis and Processing EL2105 Module
Signals and Systems EL2106 Module
Software Development EL1311 Module
Software Development 2 EL2311 Module
Student Initiated Credit EL2012 Module
Student Initiated Credit EL2011 Module
Student Initiated Module EL4817 Module
Superviosry Cont. & Data Acqui EL2410 Module
System on Programmable Chip EL3251 Module
Systems Development Methods EL1206 Module
Systems Simulation With Vhdl EL2016 Module
Teah&Learn in Univ Partnership EL4100 Module
Technology And Creativity EL2052 Module
Technology In Av Applications EL2051 Module
Technology In Society EL1301 Module
Television Production EL2055 Module
TV Production EL1074 Module
Video Production & Technology EL2070 Module
Virtual Reality Technology EL2600 Module
Visual Information Processing EL4014 Module
Web & Multi-Media Production EL1059 Module
Work Place Module 1 EL1402 Module
Work Place Module 2 EL2401 Module
Work Placement EL4102 Module

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