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Name Code Type
Advanced English (Postgraduate Level) EF4331 Module
Advanced English 2 EF2332 Module
Advanced English A (Pt 1) EF2331 Module
Computer-Assisted Language Learning EF4703 Module
Current Issues in TESOL EF3680 Module
English for Academic and Professional Development 2 EF1502 Module
English for Academic Professional Development 1 EF1501 Module
English for Engineering EF2803 Module
English for Fire Safety EF2804 Module
English for Medical Sciences EF1337 Module
English for Specific Academic Purposes EF2805 Module
English for Specific Academic Purposes (Higher) EF3805 Module
English for Specific Academic Purposes (Postgraduate Level) EF4805 Module
ESOL and World Englishes EF2216 Module
Intercultural Communication for IBC EF2500 Module
Introduction to TESOL EF1950 Module
Language and Preparation Skills for Academic Examinations EF0003 Module
Practical TESOL EF2950 Module
Research Methods EF2620 Module
Study And Communication EF1700 Module
Teaching Young Learners EF3681 Module
TESOL Core 1A EF1600 Module
TESOL Core 1B EF1650 Module
TESOL Core 2A: Teaching Practice EF2600 Module
TESOL Core 2B: Teach. Skills EF2650 Module
TESOL Core 3 Theories & Practice in TESOL EF3650 Module
Testing & Assessment in TESOL EF3620 Module
The English-Speaking World EF1200 Module
Upper Intermediate English (Postgraduate Level) EF4321 Module
Upper Intermediate English 1 EF2321 Module
Upper-Intermediate English for Franchised Programmes EF2318 Module
Work Experience in TESOL: Reflection, Real-life and the Road Ahead EF3002 Module

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