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Name Code Type
Advanced Early Years Study2 ED3203 Module
An introduction to mentoring ED1022 Module
Children and Young People: a g ED4020 Module
Children and Young People: A global context ED4021 Module
Collegial Mentoring ED2222 Module
Contemporary Debates in Educ ED2242 Module
Creat, arts & edu early years ED3216 Module
Critical Thinking ED3206 Module
Debating Disability and Educ ED3224 Module
Designing and Planning your Research ED4995 Module
Dissertation ED3991 Module
Dissertation ED3993 Module
Dissertation ED4022 Module
Diversity and Inclusion in Education ED2243 Module
Educ Orgs and Management ED4213 Module
Education for Everyone ED1202 Module
Equality, Diversity and prof ED3231 Module
Experiential Learning in Educational Settings ED2218 Module
Families, Schools and Society ED3223 Module
Fundraising for Schools ED1333 Module
Gender and Education ED2225 Module
Implementing Qualitative Educ ED3902 Module
Innovation in Supporting Learn ED1206 Module
International Perspectives on Education ED3229 Module
Introducing Education EDC101 Module
Introduction to Education Studies ED1201 Module
Key Skills in Post-Comp Educat ED1210 Module
Knowledge and the Curriculum ED3204 Module
Language & Communic. in Class ED4806 Module
Leading People and Teams in Ed ED4116 Module
Learners with DLD in PCE ED2224 Module
Learning to Teach: An Introduction ED2001 Module
Learning, Curriculum and Assessment ED3209 Module
Life In Classrooms ED2209 Module
Management In Education ED2213 Module
Managing Disaffected Learners ED2206 Module
Mentoring in Prof Settings ED3227 Module
Methods and Methodologies ED4003 Module
Models of Teaching & Learning ED2212 Module
Observing Education in Action ED1204 Module
Personal Management in Support ED1205 Module
Policy and Practice in Educational Settings ED3210 Module
Preparing for Academic Writing and Research ED2216 Module
Qualitative Methodology in Edu ED3901 Module
Quality Issues in supporting l ED1207 Module
Reflective Practice in Educational Settings ED3208 Module
Representations of Education in Literature & Film ED2236 Module
Research as Professional Tool ED3201 Module
Schools, Society & Education ED2210 Module
Sociology And Education ED2205 Module
Student Initiated ModuleSIM ED1981 Module
Supporting Literacy ED1301 Module
Supporting Mathematics ED1302 Module
Supporting SEN & Behaviour Man ED1303 Module
Teaching HE in FE ED1211 Module
The Education of Vulnerable Young People ED3215 Module
The Professional Role and its Context ED3205 Module
Theory, Philosophy and Policy in Education ED1203 Module
Tools for research in Educatio ED4998 Module

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