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Business and Economics in the European Union EC2006 Module
Business Economics EC2401 Module
Economic Aspects Trade Aid & Development EC3007 Module
Economic Policy EC3010 Module
Economics of the Public Sector EC3005 Module
Europe and the World Economy EC3408 Module
European Economic Development EC2009 Module
European Economy in a World Context EC4002 Module
Intermediate Principles of Economics EC2002 Module
International Financial Economics EC3406 Module
Introduction to Applied Economics EC1201 Module
Introduction to Business ECC003 Module
Introduction to Business Economics and Finance EC1401 Module
Introduction to Economics EC1010 Module
Labour Market Economics EC3004 Module
Methodology and Diversity in Economics EC2003 Module
Philosophical Themes in Economics EC3002 Module
Quantatitive methods in economics EC2179 Module
Social Economics EC2007 Module
The Economic Context of International Business EC4005 Module
The Global Business Environment EC2105 Module
The Global Environment EC2102 Module

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